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Udvikling af ledelse, kulturen og lederskabet hos EY

People and numbers meet in several ways in EY
Ernst and Young case uddannet i Emotionel Intelligens ved HUMI
EY is Taking the Step from Distant to Present Management
Better begins with you. An ambitious title. Nevertheless, it is the title of the auditing firm EY's ambitious global program that gives EY employees the opportunity to recognize individuals or teams who live up to their organizational values. Values such as is rooted in integrity, respect and cooperation. But how does one actually live up to these values in an industry where the organizational structure is a hierarchical pyramid and the culture is characterized by habitual thinking?
Af Seniorrevisor Louise Greve
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The Sum of the Total Behavior Gives Positive Numbers at EY

“The preferred adviser” was the presentation of the partner group, in the department on Funen, that asked 3 consulting houses to submit their bids. The desire was to train their employees to become the preferred advisor and not just the accountant who comes and looks at the accounts.

Brian Skovhus Jakobsen and Søren Smedegaard Hvid recall their thoughts on the transformation in EY's management culture and the motives behind it.
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"Der er ingen tvivl om, at investeringen ved at inddrage HUMI allerede på kort sigt, har tjent sig hjem"
Søren Smedegaard Hvid, Direktør Entrepreneur of The Year, Partner EY

Den foretrukne medarbejder

he top management of EY Brian, Søren and Kenneth were in close collaboration with HUMI, during the just completed first phase of their cultural process. This is followed by a summary and reflection on the process they have been through so far. EY, is one of Denmark's largest consulting and auditing firms. Their vision is to become the "preferred coworker" in the market. Brian explains: “We in the management agreed that a cultural change was needed in the entire company to achieve our goals. We had a clear conviction that outside help was needed for this change to be implemented in the company - as the considerations of doing it yourself were stranded on old habits and attitudes. "
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EY Dialogbaseret kulturmåling

Organisationsudvikling med Emotionel Intelligens
The organic cultural measurements have helped us to faster action and easier implementation with high quality, clear involvement and a deeper understanding of our company - for both employees and managers

By Brian Skovhus Jakobsen, Partner EY
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"HUMI udviste stor grundighed i at forstå os og vores behov.  Derfor var det os og vores arbejde, der fyldte positivt de 2 dage.  Det sikrede at alle oplevede et super arrangement med et højt udbytte og fuld valuta for både penge og den tid vi investerede i det."
Morten Østergaard Koch, Partner EY, Global Mindset - Business focus


Vi  udvikler mennesker og styrker organisationer baseret på Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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