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Anja Safina

relating to. indumind in general and identify your strengths.

Svendborg december 2014

Relating to. Identify your strengths  

After just 14 days of indumind, I find that I am stronger than I think. I now say daily to myself that I am good as I am, beautiful as I am. I feel I have become stronger both inside and out.

I can feel in myself and my surroundings that I have become happier, I am happier and see things much more positively and often turn other people's comment and respond with a positive response instead of negative, as I would have done before.

My temperament I have also gotten much better with and can control it much better.
There has been a huge change, which cannot be expressed in words, but which is manifested through my feelings and behavior.

I have learned about myself that I need to trust myself more and I know what I want and that way I can make my dreams come true.

I have worked with myself in such a way that I have found myself completely into myself and mastered how I can tackle my feelings and thoughts. Especially with and shutting things down when it all gets too much.

Especially in stressful situations, I can use my new tool with and sit down and get my thoughts under control. As well as that I can control my emotions and turn the negative into positive.

Indumind has given me faith back in myself.

Others feel it too: My boys can clearly feel a mother who is happier and has more profit and the same says the boyfriend. It takes more before I go crazy. My parents notice a happier daughter. My girlfriends notice a more present girlfriend.

Thank you for a wonderful experience in my life that I am sure will follow me for the rest of my life.

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