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Business Practitioner with Emotional Intelligence and NLP
12-day training course 

A communication education that will give you a deep insight and understanding of human behavior, strong communication skills, competencies to create trusting relationships and the ability to influence, motivate and inspire. Through the training you will experience how effective the combination of NLP and Emotional Intelligence is in relation to helping others and yourself to solve challenges and achieve your goals. In the training, you will learn techniques for perspective, change limiting beliefs and how you can add yourself and other new resources. In addition, you will gain a unique understanding of the concept of conflict and methods of resolving conflicts. 

The teaching framework for the 12 days is designed to create as much learning as possible for you with a high degree of participatory activity and interaction. The teaching itself alternates between theory, demonstrations and practical exercises, which trains you in applying the learned competencies in practice. In addition, you receive ongoing feedback and supervision from both the other students and teachers on the program.

Your benefit from the education

In the education you get all parts from EI-NLP Personal Communication, in addition you work with;
- Extended questioning technique
- Involving and engagingdissemination and communication
- Understanding and coverage of different types of persons
- Concretization and clarification Of goals and motivation
- Dialogue tools To strengthen or change behavior
- Tools to communicative change
- Tools for dealing with complex conflicts
- Method To convert conflicts into learning and insight
- Ability to find profits to handle pressured situations
- Motivate, inspire and lead others
- Effective conversation techniques for conversations and coaching
- Stronger bargaining skills
- Coaching tools and models
EI-NLP uddannelser
Picture from the education 

I Odense

Opstart 10. maj

Modul 1:   10. - 11. maj
Modul 2:   31. -   1. juni
Modul 3:   21. - 22. juni
Modul 4:   16. - 17. august
Modul 5:     8. -   9. september
Modul 6:     6. -   7. oktober
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Opstart 15. september

Modul 1:   15. - 16. september
Modul 2:   13. - 14. oktober
Modul 3:   10. - 11. november
Modul 4:     8. -   9. december
Modul 5:   12. - 13. januar 2022
Modul 6:     9. - 10. februar 2022
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Price DKK 20,900 + VAT 

When registering, you can indicate whether you want to pay directly via credit card, receive an invoice or via bank transfer.

Optional - target your EI-NLP education with a speciality

Price DKK 29,895 + VAT 

I København

Deltag i GRATIS introduktionskursus

Kom og find ud af om personlig udvikling er noget for dig!

Torsdag den 22. april kl. 18.30 - 20.30 

Tilmeld introduktionskursus

Opstart 16. juni

Modul 1:   16. - 17. juni
Modul 2:   18. - 19. august
Modul 3:     6. -   7. september
Modul 4:   27. - 28. september
Modul 5:   25. - 26. oktober
Modul 6:   24. - 25. november
Sign up for the program
Sign up With specialty
Price DKK 20,900 + VAT 

When registering, you can indicate whether you want to pay directly via credit card, receive an invoice or via bank transfer.

Optional - target your EI-NLP education with a speciality

Price DKK 29,895 + VAT 

What does it mean to have an education with a speciality?

Get a tailor-made course targeted at your focus and development goals
The education is built around the EI-NLP Business Practitioner education. Throughout the training course, there will be a knowledgeable expert attached, as an individual coach. 

With your speciality you will gain the opportunity to put focus precisely where you want strength to solve a problem, rise to a challenge or reach a goal you really want. Aditionally, besides the 6 modules, there will be 5 coaching/sparring sessions* of 1 hour duration. Before certification you will have to turn in an essay, that will have to be approved.

You can target your Business Practitioner with a specialty in Leadership, Your Personal Leadership, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Sales
* The 5 sparring / coaching sessions will be distributed with a start-up meeting / sparring on the thesis. In addition, 3 sparring / coach conversations between the 6 modules and 1 final sparring meeting before the certification module.
Meet former participants in the EI-NLP Business Practitioner program - private recordings from December 2020 

More about the education

Who participates in the training?

The training is for you, as an employee, manager, HR manager, HR consultant, project manager, team leader, nurse, current and future coaches - you who want to gain a greater insight into human behavior, greater understanding of how we humans function and to strengthen your communication so that you achieve greater efficiency, stronger influence and stronger relationships. 

Your process

The education is a total of 12 days and consists of 6 x 2 full days from kl. 08.00 - 16.00 and typically at 3-4 week intervals between each module. The teaching is based on theory and insight, which is learned through training in practice. 2/3 of the teaching is organized as active training with exercises and tasks. 
The price includes: 
  • Training / education manual
  • The book 'Insight' by Per Poulsen
  • Training instructions and reading guides between the modules
  • Learning tasks between the modules that strengthen your use of what has been learned
  • Training sessions between the 6 modules (Optional)
  • Possible to obtain certification on module 6
  • Certificate of education after completion of the course
  • Full board all 12 training days
Picture from a group exercise at the education
* It is possible to continue your development with one EI-NLP Master Practitioner Education - read more here
Get started with your education

You get the book 'Insight' - a simple introduction to Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Already sold more than 1000 copies.

A book that, in an effective and engaging way, gives you an insight into and deeper understanding of Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

'I would like to share my experience of reading the book' The Insight '. Yesterday I read a whole book, for the first time since I was 11 years old. I was excited about the book throughout and couldn’t stop reading. It is a book that, in addition to being easy to read, is easy to understand through the examples with the participants. The book is written in an exciting way and I will read it again soon. This morning I woke up with a big amount of surplus energy and was just happy. Even though it was both cold and Monday morning, I dropped my kids off at school with lots of energy and good humor - it's great! “

Ole Dyrhøj, Odense

Read how EI-NLP has developed managers and employees

Ebbe Bernth, Director Rask and Rum, Regional Director BNI

It was not because I was bad at communicating, but I could get better. Basically, I wanted to get tools and knowledge to communicate better and more concretely, so that both parties get something out of it. ”

Read the article
Jan Pedersen, Craftsman, Vandcenter Syd

"The course has been great for me. Usually when we craftsmen train, it is about strengthening our professionalism as we spend 5 days, 37 hours a week. What I have learned in the education, I use 24/7. '

Read the article 

More references from the EI-NLP education

Got both education and solved many years of trauma

'So in addition to getting my NLP education, which I use very privately and in my working life - I have overcome an anxiety that for more than 40 years, in many ways controlled and made my life difficult!'

Read the full reference
Educated Psychologist and Job as a School Leader

Educated psychologist and job as a school leader "I would very much like to share my experiences from the collaboration with Per, so that they may inspire others to consider giving themselves, the absolutely amazing and enriching experience…"

Read the full reference
NLP Business Practitioner / as a sales manager and personally

My starting point for enrolling in the NLP Business Practitioner course was the little word: “Business”. I think it is important to develop myself, and here I found a course like… ”

Read the full reference
NLP as Corporate Coach and Marketing Manager

“I have had the pleasure and pleasure of being introduced to NLP via my Business Practitioner education at HUMI ​​v / Per Poulsen. The additional opportunities and benefits that lie at your feet… ”

Read the full reference
Communication from a leader and its consequences

"Background: The chief executive of Sodexo's activities at Rigshospitalet, Palle Wulff, has in his work at the workplace had thoughts of meeting the tough demands of the industry…"

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The Best Thing that has Happened to Me

“When I see that sentence, there are a lot of experiences and experiences that I would like to share with you. You are reading this because you are not participating in a… ”

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Teachers on the education


Per Poulsen
Master Coach in Emotionel Intelligens og NLP

Melanie Claire Jørgensen
Graduated Master in Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Daniella Panduro
Graduated Master in Emotional Intelligence and NLP
All consultants and coaches who teach in education are trained Master in NLP and certified in the development of Emotional Intelligence. An assistant coach can be attached to the two modules to support and through exercises and tasks. All assistants will also support with coaching and feedback in the teaching. All assistant coaches are trained at the Master level.

Do you want to master the insight into people?

Contact us ON 2216 1200


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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