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Value seminar
"There is no doubt that the investment of involving HUMI has already paid off on the short term"
Søren Smedegaard Hvid, Direktør Entrepreneur of The Year, Partner EY
Ernst and Young case big company Emotionel Intelligens HUMI
Culture measurement
"I strongly believe that great team spirit and engaged people create a strong emotional link between people and our organization."
Thomas Träger, Country President, Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric Emotional intelligence NLP
Culture measurement
"Coworkers experience being heard and aknowledged when they see that we as leadership act on the "red threads.""
Klavs C. Nielsen, Affaldschef Middelfart Kommune
Middelfart kommune Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI
"It wasn't because I was bad at communicating, but I could get better."
Ebbe Bernth, Murermester Rask&Rum, Regionsdirektør BNI
Rask og Rum uddannet i EI NLP ved HUMI
"The ability of HUMI to communicate something as complicated as NLP in a simple to understand way that makes everyone take it in and begin using it at home and at work, and at the same time giving the whole organisation the desire to continue working with NLP and HUMI."
Jens Haugaard, CEO, HYDAC A/S
Hydac uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI
Value seminar
"HUMI showed great thoroughness in understanding us and our needs. Thus it was us and our work, that filled the 2 days positively. That made sure that everyone experienced great yield and full value for the money and the time invested."
Morten Østergaard Koch, Partner EY, Global Mindset - Business focus
Ernst and Young case uddannet i Emotionel Intelligens ved HUMI
Value seminar
"Unbelievable that we could get so far in two days. The team has really evolved both as a team and individually. The best thing is, that it sticks."
Kisten Dyrholm Nielsen, Social & Ældrechef, Vejen Kommune
Vejen Kommune værdiseminar ved HUMI
"Focus and community in the group and calm in the individual human is the value gained from educating coworkers in NLP and EI."
Christian Dindler, Teamleder, Vandcenter Syd
Vandcenter Syd uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI

Cases and results

How Retail Wins over Online Shopping

By Charlotte Larsen and HUMI. ​​Unaffected by online shopping, construction chaos and lack of parking spaces in the city center, things are going well at Antik Blå in Vintapperstrædet in the heart of Odense. According to owner Charlotte Larsen, it's about mind-set and about shifting focus to where something can be done - and making it fun. Below, Charlotte talks about, […]

Management and Employees Create the Good Working Day Together

By Head of Waste and Recycling, Klavs C. Nielsen and HUMI. ​​Based on the question of how we jointly ensure that every day is a good day for all of us, the management of Middelfart Waste and Recycling had invited all employees to a 4-day value seminar with the consulting firm HUMI, to focus on the […]

Competence Boost and Stronger Teams with NLP and Emotional Intelligence

By Gitte Fallentin, Activity and Rehabilitation Manager in Vejen Municipality. In the Rehabilitation in Vejen Municipality, Activity and Rehabilitation Manager Gitte Fallentin experienced that her employees would like to be even sharper in their communication. - “Already after the first day of the education, I experienced a department that grew together - and here, where we are halfway through the education, experience […]

When Thomas Borum Took Over as the New Leader, He had a Big Challenge Ahead of Him.

When marketing manager, Thomas Borum, 9 years ago joined ALM as the new manager of the Service Center Business - Region South. Brand, he had a big challenge ahead of him. The department and the team were permeated by bad mood and individualists who went their own way. It went hard on job satisfaction, which was declining to an unacceptable level. […]

The Sum of the Total Behavior Gives Positive Numbers at EY

“The preferred advisor” was the presentation that the partner group, in the department on Funen, asked 3 consulting houses to submit their bids. The desire was to train their employees to become the preferred advisor and not just the accountant who comes and looks at the accounts. HUMI instead chose to challenge the management on the approach, and thereby the culture, with a […]

Value Seminar Lifts the Mood in Odense Arrest

A value base can be good. But for the values ​​to be lived up to and become part of everyday life, it requires ownership and employee involvement. This is the message from unit manager in Odense Arrest, Elsebeth Bendiksen. A 10-year-old value poster on the door and a co-worker culture characterized by a bad mood, grumbling and high sickness absence, was Elsebeth Bendiksen's starting point when […]

From Numbers in a Form to Concrete Action with Cultural Measurement

The traditional well-being survey did not get to the heart of the matter. The previous well-being surveys with ticks and numbers showed us that there were challenges, but were not effective enough to create focus and action. We got numbers on it all and it was clear that we had to act - but we saw many conflicting answers that […]

Common Values ​​in the Department at Jobcenter Fredericia

“As management, we see the employees' professional and personal development as fundamental to success in the core task. Here, it is crucial that employees were given the opportunity to reflect on themselves and the collaboration with colleagues and citizens. The 2 kickstart days were both educational and rewarding for our employees and us in the management. We created foundation […]

Development Funen Raises EI by Implementing Value-Based Feedback.

By Milena Høxbroe Jensen, HR consultant, Development Fyn (Nu Erhvervshus Fyn). The basic prerequisite for developing a good and healthy organization is an honest and authentic dialogue between employees, management and partners. In Development Funen, we see development as a constant and crucial factor for success. Therein also lies an obligation for us as an organization to […]

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We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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