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The Learning Universe 
of the Future

LIVE online Educations in Emotional Intelligence and NLP
Learn the most effective techniques for personal
development, communication and influence

Transformative Education

Made simple and easily accessible in a busy life

In Emotional Intelligence (EI) and NLP

The education is arranged as a combination of LIVE online days of learning, LIVE online training sessions, individual preparation and group training. This process makes sure that what you learn is practically usable for you in your life - On the job and in private.
Online uddannelse
LIVE online EI-NLP education
Opstart: 24. august 2021
Varighed: 5 måneder, 10 moduler

Pris kr. 4.495 + moms

Ta' modul 1 før du beslutter dig - FREE 
Se fysiske EI-NLP uddannelsesforløb
Boost din styrke, din udvikling, din power og din kommunikation med uddannelse 
in Emotional Intelligence and NLP
Structure of the education 

Content that strengthens and develops you!

You will be trained by one of the leading danish specialists in Emotional Intelligence and NLP
Internationally educated educator, material and training processes are your guarantees for high quality in the education process. Certificate after the end of the education.
LIVE teaching sessions, LIVE online training sessions, online team exercises, self-study and more secures that the theory will be practically useful for you in your life.
You have access for 12 months to the learning universe and you can watch, re-watch video sessions, sound files, texts and materials. 
The education is planned so as to give you more flexibility by making you able to participate from your place of work or from home by just logging on.
LIVE online training and team training with your fellow students is planned throughout the process. If possible we will arrange physical training groups which will intensify and strengthen your learning.

Hvad siger tidligere deltagere om forløb i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP?

"I can feel that NLP is what I have been unconsciously searching for for a 
long time"
Berit Ellemand Bang
"Basically, I wanted tools to communicate better and more concretely"
Ebbe Bernt, Director Rask & Rum, Regional Director BNI
"After EI and NLP, I trust myself and my judgment" 

Johanne Mathiesen, Odense
Who participates? 

Relevance to you

Participants in the education is a mix of business people, HR, self-employed, project managers, coaches, employees in public institutions and private companies, teams and departments. Everyone who has a wish to become more clear in their communication, gain insight into themselves and who wants the opportunity to learn to better motivate, inspire and affect toward greater success - both privately and on the job.
Practical Information 
What IT equipment?
You can participate via computer or tablet and you must have internet access. Advantageously, you can use a set of headphones, but you can easily participate without. 3 days before start-up, you will gain access to your personal learning universe where you will also find access to the LIVE teaching through ZOOM. There will be ample time to check the system before starting. 

We recommend that you participate via computer or tablet but if you are on the go you can easily participate from your smartphone :)

Do you know anyone who would love a LIVE online 
EI-NLP uddannelse? 

Tell them about it...

Do you want to master the insight into people?


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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