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Coaching strengthens you and takes you further

Experience how insight creates value and the possibility for change

You get the insight needed to create the changes you want

All coaches in HUMI ​​are trained at Master level and are certified in the development of Emotional Intelligence and we are ready to help you further with your challenge or your goal. Our coaching approach is based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP and the methods we use to change behaviors, habits and beliefs have created good and lasting results. 

Together we will find the solution that is best for you

If you want more information about coaching or would like to book an appointment, contact us via the link below, and we will get back to you. Feel free to write if you want us to contact you via mobile or email.  
I want to hear more / book a session for coaching

Meet Kristine

See how coaching helped Kristine overcome her exam anxiety

Meet Johanne

See how coaching and education helped Johanne find a way out of her anxiety

Coaching can help you to ...

  • Go after your goals and dreams
  • Help you out of your anxiety
  • Strengthen your surplus and energy
  • Create the life you want
  • Remove your exam anxiety
  • Strengthen your self esteem
  • Boost your personal leadership
  • Use your full potential
  • Prevent conflicts
  • Get rid of your jealousy
  • Strengthen your relations
You are always welcome to 15th minutes of FREE coaching / sparring
Billede af sparringPlease Contact Me
Prices for one hour of coaching vary from DKK 950 to DKK 1950. All prices are excl. VAT

What others have used coaching for

Effective Coaching of New Leader

“After 7 months in the job, I found that the tasks and the job affected me more than I think was good. I experienced a stress level of 10, on the 10 scale… ”

Read the full reference
From lack of confidence to smiles and courage

“… I faced a massive challenge and that my mood was really bad. Still, it only took Per a few minutes over Skype, to make me smile and manage AGAIN, to show me by letting me find my (own) way. ”

Read the full reference

"Had I not been to coaching at Per, my load would have been overturned here last week! I am writing this to pass on my new learning experience to… ”

Read the full reference
Coaching significantly strengthened my self-esteem

"What I experience today is that I am less stressed in everyday life, feel much more self-esteem, have a strong self-confidence and finally and not least SURPLUS ENERGY :-)"

Read the full reference
Paralyzing Stress Gone in an Hour (1 Hour of Work)

“I had a period with a lot of big jobs that just spilled into my business. Here I got to say yes to way too much. I had worked during this period… “

Read the full reference
Used HUMI for sparring about my development

"I wanted to clarify my goals"

Read the full reference
See Coaching Themes and Reviews

We Are Ready to Help You Further

Ekspert i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP Per Poulsen
Per Poulsen
[email protected]
28 340 350
HR Emotionel Intelligens og NLP coach
Melanie Claire Jørgensen
[email protected]
31 178 797
Daniella Panduro EI NLP HUMI skolementor konsulent og coach
Daniella Panduro
[email protected]
52 881 200
Kristine Lund konsulent coach emotionel intelligens NLP HUMI
Kristine B. Lund
[email protected]
23 826 826
Johnnie HUMI konsulent coach EI NLP
Johnny Rasmussen
[email protected]
Britta HUMI Konsulent og coach EI NLP
Britta Jacobsen
[email protected]


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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