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Exam Anxiety

From being the one who came crawling along the panel to the exam room, Per transformed me into the woman who both dared to look at and communicate directly and voluntarily with the censor.

A week before an upcoming exam, I was recommended to contact Per, who could alleviate my exam anxiety! Per asked me to choose between two "solution models", either a "quick-fix" or a longer course to also uncover the cause of the exam fear. The time pressure made me choose the “quick-fix” on a single session and that would prove to be enough!

I was really READY to solve my challenge when the session began, and in a flash, using a few questions, Per could evoke the feelings in me that were always there when I went to exams in the past; namely flaming cheeks, palpitations, sweaty hands and a thoughtless brain - I always drew a blank!

During the max. 20 minutes I could feel a huge transformation of my own feelings when Per asked me to think about the exam situation.

I have to admit that I thought a bit, "yes thank you, fine enough, here we are sitting opposite each other, and the nasty feelings are gone, but does it work now too when I go to exams !?"

And YES !!, it did. I have NEVER felt so clear in my head, on top of it all, and overall TOP-motivated to feel good during exams and to perform my best. I got 12 for the exam, which I have never tried before, but this experience has also made me believe that there is more "out there" and I have chosen to follow an NLP course with Per, as more of "it" can only mean a better life!


Kristine, Copenhagen

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