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Emotional Intelligence and NLP at Vandcenter Syd

By Team Leader Christian Dindler, Water Center South

Rings Spread in the Water at Vandcenter Syd with Emotional Intelligence

I teamet, for maskinservice på Nordfyn hos Vandcenter Syd, har det ofte kunnet betale sig at være højtråbende, hvis man gerne ville have sin vilje igennem. Men det er nu ved at ændre sig.

Som en del af Vandcenter Syds virksomhedsplan for 2018 er der fokus på fleksibilitet og tværgående samarbejde, hvor der bliver arbejdet på at styrke kompetencerne i selskabet. Samtidig bliver der arbejdet på at dyrke synergier i samarbejde på tværs af organisation-en. Det har betydet, at flere medarbejdere har været på training in Emotional Intelligence and NLP. And this has done something positive to the dynamics of the team on Nordfyn. Both at group and individual level.

- "He trusts more in himself. He has a lot more peace of mind. He has a lot more surplus energy”.

This is how team leader Christian Dindler, at Vandcenter Syd, describes his employee Jan, who has been on training at HUMI. Jan has taken a Business Practitioner in NLP and EI And is currently working on a Master Practitioner.

- "I can feel it in his way of being. Before, he could well find himself pulling into the background and backing out of a dialogue. Now he gets much more on the field and interferes more. He comes on the field more intelligently ”.

Difference in the meetings

It is especially in the meetings of the team that Christian notices a big difference in Jan's way of being. He says:

- "Before, we did not hear him at our meetings. Now he has gained much more clout and manages to get his more vociferous colleagues to keep quiet and listen. Those who shout loudly and have taken advantage of shouting loudly, they have now got a counterweight in the team. And it helps tremendously on the dialogue and has a contagious effect. There is more unity. Team-wise it has gotten better, you can really feel a difference. When we gather the whole team, the dialogue flows more, and it is definitely the tools from NLP and EI that have an effect. When I have other employees who come and ask to come to the same education, then you know that it spreads in the good way, and spreads rings in the water ".

One of those employees is Claus. He is in the process of taking the Business Practitioner training. According to Christian, Claus indicates that he can already feel a clear effect.

- ”Claus himself says that he can already feel a difference, not only at work, but also in private life. He has much more energy in his everyday life also for things that he would have raged over in the past ”.

- "For some, NLP and EI may well be such a little hocus pocus, and it is also difficult to define what it is, but it works", says Christian.

– ”Jeg oplever, at det er meget hands-on.

- Det er ligesom at lære at svejse, når du har lært det, så kan du bruge det bagefter. Sådan er det også med NLP. Det er mental træning, som du kan bruge bagefter. Selvfølgelig vil der undervejs være op- og nedture og frem og tilbage. Mine medarbejdere er blevet godt og grundigt rusket igennem, men man skal jo rive noget ned, for at bygge noget nyt op. Det styrker fællesskabet, at de lærer andre og nye måder at håndtere hinanden på”.

Sharpness in own management style

Som leder bliver Christian også holdt til ilden. For når man har sendt sin medarbejder på uddannelse hos HUMI, så får man en med-arbejder retur, som er blevet meget mere skarp og reflekterende. Så skal man også selv være klar.

- “Jan has become better at sparring. I need to be sharper when I talk to him. He has been given some tools that make him catch everything much faster. It's healthy for me as a leader. And then it is challenging to put into words what you think is logical, but which you do not do. I can see in hindsight that I sometimes say one thing but do something else. And that is what one learns in such an education. You learn to look inward. Because you do not get anything good out of others if you do not have something that comes from within. That way, I myself will be kept busy. This is not to say that there should not be room for the good workshop humor - it should be there, otherwise it is not fun to go to work "Christian laughs.

The water calms

As a leader, Christian notices a common trait that is repeated by the employees who take an education in NLP. It's more calm.

- “An important part of NLP is that you get peace of mind. The calm inside ourselves. Some people look for it all their lives and do not find it. But with NLP, you get one step closer and find peace. It's not the same thing you find peace of mind. It differs from person to person. For Jan and Claus, it is vastly different where they find their peace. Jan is basically a calm person, but finds a deeper calm and Claus, who has full speed ahead and temperament, he finds his peace elsewhere. It is exciting to follow the development of your employee in that way, even though it is a different way of doing it than, for example, showing how to disassemble a pump and assemble it again ”.

Focus and community in the group and calm in the individual is something that Christian notices most when he describes the value of educating employees within NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

- 'And I hope that calm becomes even greater', says Christian. “That my employees themselves can feel that they work together and that they see their differences as advantages instead of disadvantages ”. - “It must actually also be nice for those who out of habit shout out loud because it has become what they are. They can actually relax more. They do not have to constantly come up with a counter-argument just to say something. It creates a balance that is good for well-being and thus the business as a whole. And then it is pretty well spent”.

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