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Emotional Intelligence and NLP Break Down the Mental Walls

Emotional Intelligence and NLP Break Down the Mental Walls

By Ebbe Bernth, Master Mason RASK and RUM, Regional Director GNI

Master mason Ebbe Bernth, 54 years old, is a man with several professional roles. He is first and foremost a master mason and co-owner of the masonry company RASK and RUM with 12 employees. He is also an inspector and appraiser in the Construction Appeals Board, the Civil Courts and the Arbitration Board. He is also a professional judge in the Arbitration Board. Ebbe also has a vocational pedagogical basic education and has taught the masonry subject for 8 years. As something of the latest, he has become a mentor for new inspectors and assessors in Dansk Byggeri. In addition, Ebbe Bernth is regional director of the business network BNI on Funen.

- “I have been a bricklayer all my life and master mason for 20 years. My father was also a master mason. So I am a bricklayer of heart, a bricklayer of blood and a bricklayer with a big B ”. This is how Ebbe Bernth describes himself, despite the fact that today he wears many more caps. He is now in the process of taking an education in Emotional Intelligence and NLP at the consulting firm HUMI.

A hole is punched through the mental wall

- 'It was not because I was bad at communicating, but I could get better.' This is how Ebbe describes his motivation for training as an NLP Business Practitioner.

Ebbe says: - “With NLP and Emotional Intelligence, I have become better at listening and asking questions. In particular, Ebbe notices how NLP and an Emotional Intelligent approach make a big difference when he is out on visual and discretionary issues, where there is usually a slightly bad mood. An atmosphere characterized by one-syllable words, cold air and defense.

- “As recently as the day before yesterday, I was at a survey where I had to inspect something that was not professionally in order. But how do you present it to someone who is going to do a great job? Here I definitely used both Emotional Intelligence and NLP To meet the craftsman (builder).

I managed to move the situation from "unfair - I have to change something" to "okay - that's damn fair - I can see that, it's actually good that it was discovered in time before the construction was completely finished". That had to be rebuilt had also been valid before my NLP and EI. What made the difference was the outcome, the whole dialogue between us and the fact that we both left the meeting feeling positively.

In the communication, I had with the tools from NLP achieved the craftsman's acceptance and agreement in the things that were professionally wrong. It was not an attack on him and his person ”. Ebbe has no doubt at all that the education in NLP and Emotional Intelligence is beneficial, on several levels in the craft industry.

- "In the construction industry, we are known for having such a real dirty jargon, I can easily participate in that. But in NLP we learn to put ourselves in the customer's place so that we better understand the customer's needs and wishes. That alone, I experience, is the reason why customers choose me. They say "you understand me - I trust you - so I choose you for the task". That kind of communication is something that will give us more tasks and fewer dissatisfied customers. "So this is relevant, both for master and apprentice", says Ebbe, with a smile in his voice.

EI & NLP raises the quality of vision and judgment situations

NLP is also relevant in appraisal situations. In his mentoring role for new appraisers, Ebbe works consciously with his NLP tools.

- “I use NLP to that extent. I am in the process of my 4th mentoring course now, and I almost never give them the answer, but I help them to where they themselves find the answer. I motivate them to succeed in a way where they themselves create the success. And for a new viewer and appraiser, it is a huge success, and it also raises the quality of their work ”. Even the more seasoned appraisers get new learning to take home in the toolbox.

Ebbe says: - “My first mentoring course was with a visionary and appraiser who was my own age. As such, I could not teach him anything new about the subject, but I could help to make him aware of his way of communicating in the situation itself and he had never thought about that before ”.

In fact, the seasoned appraiser got so much out of the mentoring process that he contacted Dansk Byggeri unsolicited, and gave Ebbe a good recommendation along the way. This has contributed to Dansk Byggeri now deciding that Ebbe will teach all the new mentors who will be hired. Ebbe finishes:

- “It has been completely surreal to experience how quickly I have managed to implement the tools from NLP and Emotional Intelligence across my various business roles.

Following the publication of this article, Ebbe Bernt has completed the entire training - EI-NLP Business Practitioner.


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