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A Craftsman's Experience of an EI-NLP Business Practitioner Education

By Jan Pedersen

The process has been huge for me. Usually when we craftsmen train, it is about strengthening our professionalism as we spend 5 days, 37 hours a week. The education in NLP has given me so much more, both at work and privately. What I have learned in the education, I use 24/7 - and it is noticeable! ”. 

For Jan, the encounter with NLP has meant significant changes in his life. 

Jan says; 

“In my work, I experience that I have calmed down more, I have more profit and I am more focused on the tasks to be solved. At the same time, I am more aware of my colleagues and the teams I am part of. I am more responsive to new solutions and other ways of looking at the world. ” 

At the management level, the new Jan has also been noticed. 

Jan tells; 

My team leader experiences that it has been valuable to have me on the training. The calm and the overview my team leader experiences with me now, compared to before, is noticeable. He experiences that I am more present and ask more to the customers and I uncover the customer's wishes and needs better. My team leader said directly…. that the money for the education has been spent really well! ”    

Another positive result is in the company of his family. Here Jan mentions, among other things; 

"My wife tells me that I seem happier and more satisfied. In relation to my children, I am even more aware of being a good father and a good role model for them. I have gained a deeper insight into myself, which means that I am even more aware of what I pass on to my children, so that they can get the best start in life. ” 

For Jan personally, the journey with NLP and Emotional Intelligence has left its clear traces. 

"Since I was a child, I have had difficulty falling asleep and often lay awake for several hours. Already after the first module, I experienced that I slept much better - and I have been able to do that ever since. With tools from Emotional Intelligence and the understanding from NLP, I was able to shut down my thoughts. Unbelievable that something you have bothered with all your life can suddenly change. In the past, I probably would not have thought it was possible. ” 

Jan's journey continues with the approval of an NLP Master's program. It is a happy Jan who speaks; 

The development I have been through has been so clear to my team leader that he has no doubt that my continued development is a gain for the company. The master is ahead and I look forward to it. ” 

That NLP has affected Jan's life is clear with his concluding comment; 

"Since my education in NLP, I experience small energy explosions in my everyday life… they just happen and it's so cool!"

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