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Thomas Visti

A leader's professional and private benefit of NLP

Hey Per

Just think I would give you some feedback on some of the specific experiences I have had after a successful NLP training with you at the helm.

-Selfworth; a much better understanding of myself, which has given me a unique belief in myself, it benefits me in many contexts and i.a. has meant that my meetings and presentations have become sharper and more focused. At the same time, I experience that I can use my personal strengths more purposefully in the job, it makes me very happy and at the same time makes me more efficient as a manager and employee.

-Communication; To be able to read and use body language together with a more understanding and positive approach to customers, colleagues, employees etc. has led to meetings, discussions, m.m. Runs in a much better tone, and where I often feel like a winner myself, now just with everyone on the team….

-Management; a better understanding of my team with a positive approach, here conflict management tools etc. have certainly made me more aware of my role as a leader and how to deal with challenging situations.

The recognition of the NLP education; I have, in connection with a job change, noted that one of Denmark's largest recruitment agencies, weighted the NLP education with the international certification, as a very positive part of my manager education. They regarded it as important competencies in a modern society.

More; I would like to add that I have privately had a generally more positive approach to life as a whole, and do not hesitate to say that my NLP business practitioner is out of many educations - the one where I definitely think I have received the most "Value for Money". In addition to the unique tools, this is largely due to your way of communicating and involving us as participants.

So thanks for last Per, this is definitely not the last time we see each other.


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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