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We reveal the magic that gives you and your organization human insight and understanding
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Boost yourself, your department, organization and your relations! Gain success through insight.
We offer individually designed and involving lectures. Focus on how we as humans interact with each other and how we create strong trusting relations.

Experiences with HUMI ​​lectures

HUMI made the day inspiring and educational for us. Reflective thoughts were induced in 130 people and the feeling of meaning still lingers in all of us several days after. HUMI is good at focusing on everything we do not know we should look for. It gave food for thought and it gave everyone a deeper understanding of how much influence we ourselves have on our lives.
Jobcenterchef, Sanela Ljeskovica, Fredericia Kommune
Per Poulsen is an enormously positive and knowledgeable speaker and he made a fantastic impression during the 2 hours he was with us in Rambøll. Per comes in with an infectious energy and gives us all a lot to think about. In addition, we got some simple tools that we can actively use - to make our everyday life easier and much more positive.
Flemming Pedersen, Rambøll
I have had the pleasure of Per as lecturer several times. Per has a special ability to combine a clear business approach, in which focus is on results and performance, with just as clear human values. He is, in other words, not only smart, but also a nice guy. And then he is funny too. A clear recommendation from here.
Jeppe Lykke Hansen, TV2
Per Poulsen's lecture is an experience. Per's knowledge and experiences combined with his presence and his skillful communication work strongly and add great personal value to the individual listener.

Carsten Stenrøjl, Netværk Danmark
Thank you Per and HUMI ​​for a different and inspiring day on change management in our Supply chain network. Exciting angles and a fresh start to the further work with all the changes.

Michael Nielsen, Dansk Industri

Topics of previous lectures

  • The best collaboration
  • Employeeship
  • Strengthen communication in practice
  • Conflict management
  • Strong "culture of feedback"
  • Good leadership
  • From angry vibes to energy booster
  • Mental training for managers and employees
  • Build a winning culture "The culture eats strategies for breakfast"
  • Insight - communication and relations
  • Success strategies, development and implementation
  • Successful change management
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence
  • Insight into people and how we work
  • From well-being to commitment
  • World Economic Forum - the future competencies for success
  • Create you for success
  • Happy on purpose

Easy and flexible

  • Choose live, web or video
  • Book from 15 min to 8 hours
  • From a few people to thousands
  • Choose a standard lecture or have one commissioned
  • Danish, German or English
  • From pure lecture to involving and interactive workshops
  • Book as closed or open event
foredrag og uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMIforedrag og uddannelser i emotionel intelligens og NLP ved HUMIUddannelser og foredrag om Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI

Lecture with Per Poulsen

As former Chief of Staff Development at A.P. Møller and owner of the consulting company HUMI, Per has 25 years of experience in the development of people and organizations, based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

In his engaging lectures, Per unveils the magic that occurs when participants use their greatest untapped potential, their Emotional Intelligence, and create success!

Per is the leading specialist in practically applied Emotional Intelligence in Denmark.

About Per Poulsen

Per Poulsen spends most of his time facilitating processes, teaching, advising and coaching leaders and key people in business and in public organizations.

With an ability to relate his deep theoretical knowledge of personal and organizational development, Per Poulsen has motivated, inspired and helped thousands of people and organizations to success.

Per has worked in the USA, Mexico, England and the Nordic countries and has a unique insight into the human mind.

In addition, Per Poulsen is extremely active in idea development and realization of new business areas within Emotional Intelligence in collaboration with researchers and practitioners around the world.

Per Poulsen is also the author of the book 'INSIGHT'  - a simple introduction and guide to NLP and Emotional Intelligence.
Per Poulsen ekspert i Emotionel intelligens og NLP og forfatter til bogen IndsigtenIndsigten en introduktion til Emotionel intelligens og NLP
Per is also used as an expert in Emotional Intelligence in public debates and speeches
Manus Manege hør Per Poulsen tale om emotionel intelligens og lykke
per poulsen i interview om emotionel intelligens


We develop humans and strengthen organizations based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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