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From Numbers in a Form to Concrete Action with Cultural Measurement

From Numbers in a Form to Concrete Action with Cultural Measurement

The traditional well-being survey did not get to the heart of the matter

The previous well-being surveys with ticks and numbers showed us that there were challenges, but were not effective enough to create focus and action. We got numbers on it all and it was clear that we had to act - but we experienced many conflicting answers that created uncertainty about direction.

This means that we as management lose management ground, which results in the employees losing the courage and trust in us as management.

“The traditional well-being surveys Are difficult to respond to

We chose the organic culture measurement, as we as management needed ‘new eyes’ from the outside. We needed to create an action plan that clearly showed us as a management where we should take action. With the organic culture measurement, we were able to put effective and concrete action on the traditional number measurements and at the same time take the pulse and act on the challenges that were at stake. An external partner is important, as we as management must recognize that we are often colored by habits and previous experiences.

"The well-being survey shows several 'challenges' but not where concrete and precise action must be taken - and thereby we as management are losing momentum

Large ownership by employees and management

It is clear that with this process we have achieved an 'appreciative goodwill' among our employees. The employees have a much greater ownership of the process and the subsequent initiated actions. The employees now have a pre-understanding of and can see that we as management follow up with action plans on the 'red threads' - the focus areas that they have seen and expressed in the process. It signals to the employees an active management. As the employees themselves have been active with input in the process, we meet no resistance, as it is difficult to reject something the employees themselves have come up with. It strengthens and ensures a fast and efficient implementation afterwards.

“Employees experience to be heard and recognized - when they see that we as management put action on the ‘red threads’ employees themselves have mentioned and experienced ”

A simple process with high quality

The organic culture measurement has made it significantly easier for us in the management. In all areas of Middelfart Waste and Recycling - at garbage men, recycling stations, administration and management, we experience that we have been able to quickly and efficiently respond and take action on initiatives that strengthen everyday life and job satisfaction for both employees and management in Middelfart Waste and Recycling.

Meaning has been created and a common organizational boost

There is no doubt that we have created clarity and direction for our management decisions and actions. Suddenly, it all makes sense to both management and employees - something we have not previously experienced with the traditional measurements. With the employees, we see how the dialogue-based and involving approach increases their prerequisites and motivation to create good results. It spreads to us as management - who want to be even more banner-leading and show the way for our employees.

The new measurement - included in the strategic planning

At the strategic level, there is a management task ahead in relation to reassessing and planning future measurements in Middelfart Waste and Recycling. The initiatives we have initiated and the results we have already experienced with the organic culture survey - signify an exciting development process for both employees and management. Our vision is to become Denmark's best workplace - and here we see the organic cultural measurement as a natural tool to achieve and maintain that vision.

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