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Together with you 
we design 
the schools of the future

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The goal is to create schools of the future that promote the individual student's learning and development. 

Through a learning process and in close collaboration with management, teachers, educators, parents and students, we focus on revitalizing learning communities, child vision, teamwork, communication, cultural development and parental involvement. A foundation that ensures lifelong learning, strong interdisciplinary collaboration and relational coordination.

See school principal Kenneth from Nyborg Friskole tell about his experiences with HUMI
“Our collaboration with HUMI ​​is very much characterized by great insight into the human and emotional aspect in organizations. The consultants' great ability and ingrained openness in making us at Nyborg Friskole, as a unified unit, feel ownership of the process we are in, has been fantastic. "

Kenneth Bukhave, Skoleleder

Meet Mads Halskov, teacher at Oure Continuation School

The power to navigate in life

The education program has proved to be a highly rewarding program. The program was initiated between HUMI, Indumind and Eisbjerghus Efterskole as a project – with funding from the Danish independent residential school association.
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Together, we design unique solutions

Creating the right framework for learning and development requires that we can actively control and thus select and deselect certain thoughts, feelings and actions in our everyday lives.
Our method is built upon emotional intelligence, which is based on the fact that it is through an increased insight into and understanding of yourself and other people that is the cornerstone in strengthening relationships, well-being and thereby learning.

Our work with Emotional Intelligence is practically oriented and is about strengthening the ability to perceive, assess and deal with one's own and others' feelings appropriately, both in relation to oneself and one's relationships.
workshop Emotionel Intelligens NLP HUMI

Specialists in the field

Our insight into Emotional Intelligence comes from more than 15 years of developing people and organizations.
We work with communities of learning, team collaborations, culture and value development and communication. We always design solutions that match your wishes and needs for a meaningful learning environment both now and in the future.

School coach training

As the only one's in Denmark, we have a specially designed schoolcoaching program to empower the individual teacher to actively support new avenues with Emotional Intelligence. An education that provides a boost of competence and strengthens the academic and pedagogical work, including concrete tools to strengthen the individual student's professional, personal and social development, the collaboration between teachers and between teachers and parents. An education based on your school and everyday needs with focus on increased learning mental health and well-being.


2 days of cultural development with the Holistic School
In retrospect, it is thought-provoking to me how natural and logical it is that emotions always form a large part of conflicts. At the same time, it is striking to see how great positive changes meeting emotions openly and with understanding can create in everyday life. Relationships are important, we need them at school to create better social learning. Social learning provides profits for professionalism. All that, so that our children and young people, can lives the life they want. One of the biggest issues are when parents, children and young people, go into the emotion and thereby say some hard things. Then our training and tools, to not go into the emotion, become absolutely crucial for our success. After EI and NLP we can now maintain the sense of perspective and our professionalism. "

School leader Dennis Vesterskov Helhedsskolen

Output and references

Emotional intelligence and NLP in the Comprehensive School.

“The board experiences that the school's employees are motivated and facilitated in everyday life, by using the NLP approach. It strengthens the development of the children and increases their learning. At the same time, NLP has some effective tools for dealing with the conflicts that naturally arise in everyday life. ”

Chairman of the board of the Nature and Comprehensive School Billesbølle, Erling Jensen

To that extent, I experience being able to enter into stronger relationships with the students

“My NLP education has raised my skills wildly. Both my pedagogical skills but also my skills as a teacher. To that extent, I experience being able to enter into stronger relationships with the students. NLP has been so much bigger than I had ever imagined when I got started! ”

School teacher Dann Guldmann

Change processes on the schedule in Vanløse

Vanløse School's challenges in the staff group, came on the form through an organizational development at HUMI ​​- and provided both learning and change processes.

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Headmaster, NLP is the education that has given me the most

"Of the educations I have been through (student exam, teacher exam, psychology study, diploma in management), my NLP education is the shortest (in terms of time), the one with the smallest syllabus - and the one that has…"

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A selection of different schools that we have worked with

  • Natur og Helhedsskolen Billesbølle, Årup
  • Ejerslykkeskolen, Odense 
  • Skt. Hans Skole, Odense
  • Den selvejende institution skolerne i Oure – Sport & Performance
  • Nyborg Friskole
  • Odense Katedral skole
  • Vanløse Skole, København
  • Odense Kommune v. Tingkærskolen
  • Bjerget Efterskole
  • Oure Efterskole
  • Eisbjerghus Efterskole
  • Rudolf Steiner Skolen i Odense
  • Danmarks Lærerforening
  • Skovbrynet
  • Rævebakkeskolen
  • Svendborg Erhvervsskole
  • Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt
  • UCL – erhvervsskole, Odense
  • Skt. Hans Skole


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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