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HUMI’s Development over Time

From 2006 until today

HUMI is a contraction of Human and Mind and has three meanings;

1 - The two words emphasize that a good relationship between man and mind is crucial for success.

2 - ‘Mind’ comes from taking care of and characterizes the desire to develop people to take better care of themselves and others.

3 - ‘HUMI’ means the earth in Latin and symbolizes that the vision behind the founding of HUMI ​​contains so much more that is about protecting and improving the environment for the next many generations.


The DNA in HUMI ​​is largely shaped by Per Poulsen's thoughts, his view of people, his desire for life and especially his firm belief that all people have the resources they need to actively change their lives.

The values ​​that formed the background for Per's start-up of HUMI ​​back in 2006 are still the values ​​together with Per's pioneering spirit that shape the company today, 14 years later. The pioneering spirit is particularly reflected in the company's structure, his approach to people, his management style and is lived out in the company's relationships with customers and internally in the company between management and employees.

HUMI is founded


The starting point is to empower individuals through Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Development of HUMI


Development and strengthening of organizations and companies with Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Practical Applied Emotional Intelligence


After 10 years with assignments at home and abroad, HUMI ​​marks itself as a leader in Denmark within Emotional Intelligence and human interaction

HUMI goes international


Starts collaboration in India. Further strengthened by the sale of the book 'Insight in English' on

New growth strategy


New business opportunities arise and HUMI ​​grows

Growth and responsibility


HUMI wants to actively help secure the planet's resources for future generations. The UN's world goals play a key role


Vi  udvikler mennesker og styrker organisationer baseret på Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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