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Are Boards of Directors the Future Facilitators of Emotional Intelligence in Organizations?

By Per Poulsen. Since the World Economic Forum in 2016 stated, that Emotional Intelligence is the most important competence to achieve success both for individuals and organizations, there has been an increased focus and interest from CEOs, middlemanagement and key employees, especially in organizations committed to improve job satisfaction, job attraction, customer satisfaction […]

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Critical Mass - in the Organization

Critical mass is a term we use in organizational development to assess how many people in the organization are needed to ensure that a development / change process in the organization is successful.

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Article - "Hudsult" or Sensory Deprivation of the skin

By Per Poulsen. How much does the presence of physical touch mean for the quality of life? Have you been touched today? Too many people live with a touch deficit that negatively affects their quality of life and self-perception. They miss whether they are aware of it or not, touches, like a handshake, a hug or a pat on the shoulder. The research documents […]

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The Way out of "Hudsult" or the Sensory Deprivation of the skin

By Per Poulsen. What is the way out of the "hudsult" or the sensory deprivation of the skin and oxytocin dilemma? Through coaching by many different focus people, we know that coaching must include some important steps that must be mastered in order to effectively help a person who is potentially living with "hudsult". Getting to the heart of the matter It is important that the coach has a […]

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Oxytocin, the Relationship and our Children

By Per Poulsen. Lovey-dovey or divorce? Research shows that oxytocin in the body at the beginning of a relationship is a powerful indicator of whether the relationship dissolves during the first half year or has a longer duration. This can both be an indicator that oxytocin strengthens the compound from the very beginning, so that it thereby becomes […]

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Article - The Boy and the Drawing

The little boy feels it clearly. He just wants to be to close and talk to his mother, but there is no time for it all. The mother, who is very creative herself, says to her little boy, "how about drawing a nice drawing for Per, which he can get when he comes, that will make him happy".

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Article - Does your Leadership Skills Match the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Many leaders act at a leadership level, that is one or more levels below what is required to successfully lead and develop an organization for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The challenge is that many leaders perceived themselves, as actually acting and leading at the right leadership level.

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Millions of Kroner are Wasted Every Year on Inefficient Measurements. Where is the Management?

By Per Poulsen, HUMI. ​​In the work of developing and strengthening the culture in organizations over the last 12 years I have experienced the enormous value it creates to listen to employees and involve them in organizational and management development. In that light, it is a mystery to me that both public and private leaders continue with the […]

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Management and Employees Create the Good Working Day Together

By Head of Waste and Recycling, Klavs C. Nielsen and HUMI. ​​Based on the question of how we jointly ensure that every day is a good day for all of us, the management of Middelfart Waste and Recycling had invited all employees to a 4-day value seminar with the consulting firm HUMI, to focus on the […]

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Levels of Consciousness with Dr. David Hawkins

Explore David Hawkins' levels of consciousness and find out what level of consciousness you are at. All levels below 200 have a negative energy field that stems from the thought that your happiness comes ‘from outside’. Levels from 200 and up, have a positive energy field, which means you are slowly beginning to understand that your happiness and […]

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