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Competence Boost and Stronger Teams with NLP and Emotional Intelligence

Competence Boost and Stronger Teams with NLP and Emotional Intelligence

By Gitte Fallentin, Activity and Rehabilitation Manager in Vejen Municipality

In Rehabilitation in Vejen Municipality, Activity and Rehabilitation Manager Gitte Fallentin experienced that her employees would like to be even sharper in their communication.

- “Already after the first day of the education, I experienced a department that grew together - and here, where we are halfway through the education, I experience that with NLP and Emotional Intelligence we can already now help the citizens more accurately and more correctly, because we have gained a deeper insight into each other and thus a more uniform approach, as a team ”.

As Activity and Rehabilitation Manager, Gitte Fallentin wanted them, as one unified department, to train in NLP and Emotional Intelligence. A decision Gitte is happy with in every way.

“Already after the first day, I saw the commitment of my employees and the potential became real. They just wanted it so much '

Between the first and second module, I experienced how the department began to buzz with new talk, new initiatives and new ways of using each other. It has always been a good department, it was just in a stronger way now than before ”.

The starting point was initially a 4-day course in Personal Communication.

- “To begin with, I had chosen the short training program, but when we got started I could quickly see that it did something good for us - in the various teams, for the entire department and especially for our citizens. So that's why I chose that we got the whole education - all 12 days of it'.

At the same time, Gitte was also in no doubt that there is a need to raise the employees' insights and competencies.

- "The elderly population is rising and thus we have more and more cases, and at the same time we experience that the cases are more complex than before. In many cases, in addition to the citizens and their relatives, there are also entire families who may be affected by the citizen's illness. So my employees often have complicated cases where they can be emotionally affected, and we must therefore, and especially as managers, ensure that we constantly focus on how we best help both our citizens and our employees, "says Gitte .

For Gitte, the training was also about giving the employees something more in the backpack, which was not related to their professionalism, but which should lift them on a personal level.

- “The education has given us some concrete tools to help the citizen right where the citizen is. This allows us to work as precisely and efficiently as possible, so that the citizen experiences being helped in the best possible way. The training has also strengthened us personally. It is important that we have an understanding of how we feel. So, how am I? What do I respond to? When am I emotionally affected? It is essential in our work that we can hold on to ourselves and not take it in more than we need, while showing compassion and helpfulness. It is a job and we must all be able to go home 'whole' every day ", says Gitte.

Here, halfway through the education, it has gone far beyond expectations.

- “The collegial atmosphere has become much stronger. When employees come home from the citizens, the employees experience that the education, already, has put rings in the water and that they can better make a difference. It goes really well". Gitte's only uncertainty in relation to the training course was that she had chosen to participate with her staff.

- “I was actually a little nervous about having to participate on an equal footing with my employees, and thus sharing what I experienced could be difficult. It was for no reason at all. Our relationship has clearly been strengthened and as a leader, I have gained a lot in relation to my employees and the dynamics between the individual teams and in the entire department ”.

Gitte finishes 'As a leader, it is important that you are brave and that you dare to do something that may be surprising …… maybe you will get so much more in return'.

Following the publication of this article, the team has completed the training EI-NLP Business Practitioner

Read the associates experiences that everyone in the team was trained together.

Also read the employee's evaluation - 12 måneder efter uddannelsens start og 4 måneder efter uddannelsen var gennemført.

The whole education was evaluated by the empoyees 4 months after the entire course had been completed - you can read the evaluation report here

The evaluation report resulted in the planning of 2 further teams. These teams are put together of a mix of persons from different departments. The goal is to assess if the same results, that were registered in the evaluation can be created with these new mixed teams.

The primary goal, as ith the first teams, is to strengthen the collaboration between all the departments in the municipality's senior citizen areas and a stronger, more positive influence to the citizens.


Vi  udvikler mennesker og styrker organisationer baseret på Emotional Intelligence and NLP
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