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Employees from Enghaven and Husene focus on the strategic direction with dignity and quality of life for the individual resident

Employees from Enghaven and Husene focus on the strategic direction with dignity and quality of life for the individual resident

The individual resident's quality of life, ensuring the best possible care and strengthening the professionalism of the individual employee were the key words as 39 sosu assistants (SSAs) and helpers (SSHs) were gathered to lay out the future strategy for Enghaven and Husene in Vejen Municipality.

Great confidence in the employees. 

Under the heading "Cooperation and communication", the management had given the 39 sosu assistants and helpers the opportunity to work focused on the strategy for 2 days based on 4 tracks:

  • 1. In the relationships of relatives, volunteers and partners
  • 2. Citizen self-determination and dignity
  • 3. Coordination between managers and employees
  • 4. Health promotion and disease prevention

After a short presentation of the framework for the theme days - the management ‘relaxed’ and gave the employees free rein in the process.

Mette Gaardsted, center manager for Enghaven says:

- “Our employees are our most important asset, they are professionally skilled and have the knowledge needed to create the best results for Enghaven and Husene - and we in the management have great trust and confidence in our employees. They make a huge effort and go to work every day to make a difference for the individual resident. The employees acknowledged by showing lots of drive, focus and commitment in the strategy work. It was an employee group that is proud of their work and the role they perform. They offered will, determination and focus on creating joy of life and quality for each individual resident in Enghaven and Husene.

A strategy that makes sense in everyday life!

Throughout the process, the employees were facilitated by HUMI, who through the process supported the employees in the work with the strategy. The focus was on everyday life, with the tasks and challenges Enghaven and Husene solve around the clock. The process guided employees to work towards a common goal.

Nina Dalmark, sosu assistant, day shift at Enghaven says:

- “It makes sense to work focused on the strategy in this way. Our job satisfaction is equal to the residents' life satisfaction ”

Marianne Foged, area manager says:

- "By continuously communicating and working together on the strategy, we ensure a task solution and prioritization of focus areas so that as much time as possible is spent on the core task, namely the individual resident".

At the end of day 2, the employees presented their future offers and wishes to the management. The strategy work was translated into concrete action plans, ready to be initiated and implemented. In addition, each employee was given the opportunity to work with their own individual development plan. A development that is worked on further at home in everyday life between employee and manager. Both employees and management had a positive belief in the future.

A belief in that collaboration and communication is the way to make Enghaven and Husene an even more beautiful symbiosis in close interaction between employees, management, volunteers, relatives and residents. 

There was a clear boost to be seen, in the energy and the collaboration already the day after the employees had returned to work. So the management is looking forward to a follow-up meeting, together with all employees and HUMI, in September 2017 where the results will be celebrated and the strategy plans adjusted.


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