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Strengthening the Working Environment 
In Middelfart Municipality

Waste and Recycling - on their way to become the best company in Denmark

Thank you for your participation in our organic cultural process, in Waste and Recycling in Middelfart Municipality.

We are really well on our way to our goal, which reads as follows: "Denmark's best company”, And I would therefore like to tell you how it has gone since you were in charge of our cultural process.

Our latest well-being surveys from the autumn of 2019 showed that all our departments were well placed in the best well-being category. We had this location with the cultural process, purposefully worked towards us, and it was with great pleasure here in the house that we achieved the goal.

At the same time, our employees think that we had also earned the work environment award for the entire Middelfart municipality in 2019, and nominated ourselves for the award. The working environment is really good in many departments throughout Middelfart Municipality, and there is a great focus on constantly maintaining the good results and at the same time making them even better. It also turned out that the winners of the award were a department that for many years in a row had maintained a really good working environment.
Communaldirector Willy Feddersen with coworkers and leaders from Waste and Recycle
In the decision group for the work environment award, they also did not think that they could get around our result, and therefore a completely new award was created in the municipality called the "high jumper award". We received the award because in such a short time we had gone from many years of very poor well-being surveys to really good well-being surveys.

To our great joy, we received it personally from our newly appointed new municipal director Willy Feddersen, who in his speech did a lot to tell how strongly he saw that we could move so much in such a short time.
So thanks again for your HUMI’s help with the process. Without you it would not have happened.
Klavs Clemens Nielsen, Waste Manager, Middelfart Kommune

Fra tal i et skema til konkret handling med dialog baseret kulturmåling

The traditional well-being survey did not get to the heart of the matter

We chose the organic culture measurement, as we as management needed ‘new eyes’ from the outside. We needed to create an action plan that clearly showed us as a management where we should take action. With the organic culture measurement, we were able to put effective and concrete action on the traditional number measurements and at the same time take the pulse and act on the challenges that were at stake. An external partner is important, as we as management must recognize that we are often colored by habits and previous experiences.
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Management and Employees Create the Good Working Day Together

Organisationsudvikling med Emotionel Intelligens
Based on the question of how we jointly ensure that every day is a good day for all of us, the management of Middelfart Waste and Recycling had invited all employees to a 4-day value seminar with the consulting company HUMI, to focus on that topic. A course that was planned as 4 half days, spread over 2 consecutive days per. week, where the employees across both work tasks and knowledge of each other as colleagues, had the opportunity, to do focused work on creating the foundation that in the future will be the mainstay of the community for the management and employees of Middelfart Waste & Recycling.
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Training courses for employees

The process through EI-NLP Business Practitioner at HUMI, was formidable.
Today, together with HUMI, we are in the process of organizing a training course for all my employees, where we are based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP. We want to create Denmark's best workplace, where our employees have high levels of self-insight and empathy.
Klavs Clemens Nielsen, Waste Manager, Middelfart Kommune


Vi  udvikler mennesker og styrker organisationer baseret på Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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