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My personal experience

I was at the NLP intro evening on August 20, 2013 and this turned out to be the start of a very positive personal development. I had heard about the NLP Practitioner training from some amazing people from Fyn that I met on a beach in Italy. It sounded super exciting and like a great opportunity for personal development. They talked very enthusiastically about HUMI ​​and Per Poulsen and therefore it was obvious for me to choose HUMI ​​despite the distance of 75 km.

I went positively into the meeting, but with the proviso that I would probably have to decide for myself how much I wanted to be "hypnotized". I had read various references on HUMI's websites beforehand and found it a bit too "flower power-like - where you sit in a tailor's position and feel good". It quickly turned out that it was not. It became clear to me that I had to make a choice to give in to the personal development I wanted, but at the same time I had the freedom to say no in relation to how open I wanted to be with more personal things.

The choice is yours !!

My basis for going to the meeting was work-related. As a salesperson, I wanted to understand the worldview of others and get tools to develop positively in my job …… in addition, I needed to learn to be true to myself and feel good about myself.

Personally, I even think I was a very relaxed person, but already after the first module, I was well aware I was anything but that. I always made sure everything was carefully thought out so I could relax. I can now see that I miss living "and go with the flow". I experience that my surroundings have reacted positively to my change and I enjoy the incredible peace that I have established in myself through my own efforts. Now it should not sound saved, because of course I am not a super human being, but I am more faithful to myself and dare to jump into any choices that I might not have dared before NLP.

I have become sharper in my job and in my communication and it is a fantastic feeling which gives an incredible boost to the self-esteem account.

That night was a milestone in my life… I knew that was what I wanted and the urge to develop even more in NLP has certainly not diminished. Master in NLP is the next milestone and I look forward to it both with excitement in many ways, as I know it can be "hard" emotionally. We all know it - the things that hurt are often "packed away" and then they are gone - and it will come up in the studio. This is exactly what is so fantastic - you can say that your "load" which can be difficult to relate to becomes easier.

For me, it is a fantastic course of study that everyone should give themselves the opportunity to participate in. Is convinced of many everyday challenges and the stress level would be minimized for many. I would venture and claim my quality of life has improved after NLP.


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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