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We put you at the center of our attention

Our ambition is to realize your potential
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Our motivation - every single day!

Our mission

To make the world a better place

Our vision

To empower 1. million people by 2022

Our values


Through presence and insight, we create security and develop relationships as the path to success


We know it works and we can make a difference for you, your team, your organization.


Through Emotional Intelligence and NLP, we show the way to a better future

More about us

Our ambassadors

A HUMI ​​ambassador is a person who voluntarily and on an unpaid basis has a desire to share their knowledge and experience with HUMI ​​and what HUMI ​​works with.
Meet a HUMI Ambassador

Our responsibility

At HUMI, we work actively to contribute to sustainable and responsible development in the world. In January 2019, we conducted an analysis and status of our efforts.
The 17 World Goals

Our economy

At HUMI, we want to create transparency in our financial statements. In the future, we will publish our figures in a report, which can be downloaded from this website.
 HUMI's History

We are ready to help you further

Per Poulsen ekspert i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP HUMI

Per Poulsen

CEO, Consultant and Coach
Mobil: +45 28340350
Read more about Per
Melanie Jørgensen coach konsulent Emotionel Intelligens NLP HUMI

Melanie C. Jørgensen

HR Business Partner, Consultant & Coach
Mobil: +45 31178797
Read more about Melanie
Daniella Panduro EI NLP HUMI skolementor konsulent og coach

Daniella Panduro

Consultant, Coach & School Mentor
Mobil: +45 52881200
Read more about Daniella

Kristine Bjerregaard Lund

Consultant & Coach
Mobil: +45 23826826
Read more about Kristine
Helle Nissen konsulent emotionel inelligens og NLP ved HUMI

Helle Nissen

Mobil: +45 2268 1853
Læs mere om Helle
Anders Johansen netværkskoordinator emotionel intelligens og NLP HUMI

Anders K. Johansen

Network coordination
Mobil: +45 22161200
Read more about Anders
Johnnie Rasmussen konsulent coach emotionel intelligens og NLP

Johnnie Rasmussen

External Consultant & Coach
Mobil: +45 22161200
Read more about Johnnie
Britta Jakobsen konsulent og coach emotionel intelligens og NLP HUMI

Britta Jacobsen

External Consultant & Coach
Mobil: +45 22161200
Read more about Britta

Our international partners

Adele Lynn samarbejdspartner fra USA specialist i emotionel intelligens HUMI

Adele B. Lynn

Cooperation partner from USA. Specialist in Emotional Intelligence.
Read more about Adele

Dr. Sudipta Bannerjee 

Channel partner for HUMI Asia


Asish Prasad 

Cooperation partner with HUMI DK and HUMI Asia

Founder and CEO @SOFTRE and Drive Safely India


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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