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Traveling with Emotional Intelligence and NLP

By Ebbe Bernth, Murermester Rask & Rum and HUMI

Master mason Ebbe Bernth is a man with a mission. He wants to motivate people to success. This applies to both managers and companies. And this mission permeates Ebbe's way of being in the world, as a leader, as an independent and not least as the human being Ebbe. Professionally but to that extent also personally. Ebbe has just completed his Business Practitioner training in Emotional Intelligence and NLP at the consulting company HUMI and tells here about his journey.

- "Just a moment" Ebbe says on the phone, we are doing an interview, "I just have to kiss my wife goodbye.

"Goodbye Honey - can you have a good day" you can hear him say in the background. Back in the tube, Ebbe says: Well where did we come from - well yes, my family can without a doubt feel that I have become more listening, more predominant in my way of being. That I get things formulated in a different way ”.

Before the loving interruption on the phone, Ebbe had been asked about the importance of the training in Emotional Intelligence and NLP on the home front ”.

Ebbe emphasizes: "There is no doubt at all that it has had a great significance - everyone notices". As a self-employed businessman and leader, the tools of Emotional Intelligence and NLP have been of great importance.

- “My mission is to help others succeed, either in their business or in their work, so that they become proud of what they do. Ebbe adds: - “One of the first things we learned in education was the importance of emotional intelligence. Here we learned how to influence yourself, motivate others, have self-insight and self-control and build trust in social bonds and relationships. And I use it privately, but also in my craft.

For example, I have just been out on one of our construction sites, where one of the journeymen has done a really good job. We in the industry may not be so good at commenting. But I praised my journeyman and told him that I was very pleased with the work he had done. That it was sitting right in the closet and that I was looking forward to showing it to the customer. And now he just stands back with a straight back and a good feeling, and he wants to continue the good work ”.

Ebbe continues: “Already in the first module of the training, you learn how to put yourself in the customer's place. I was out on a customer visit where a customer had a completely different language than me and where I took my time to really understand him. Later, the customer told me that it was precisely my way of communicating that made me chosen for the task ”. According to Ebbe, all people can easily integrate the tools from education into everyday life, regardless of which industry they work in. However, there is one prerequisite:

- “It requires that you are open to it. That one dares to experiment. I'm not afraid of the train. I often jump into trying something new. It requires you to be willing to let go, try it out and work on it. Then everyone can benefit from it. All. Everyone communicates with other people every day, ”explains Ebbe.

- “Getting self-insight and self-control. This is where we start. The training in Emotional Intelligence and NLP is a communication training that is so effective that it can be used by professional coaches in their work. These are tools that can be used in all relationships, not only for the life of the craftsman on the construction site, but also in his personal relationships, in his family and leisure life. It just makes him a more whole person. A more understanding person who is able to put himself in the place of others, and who can communicate clearly and distinctly ”.

For Ebbe Bernth, there is no doubt that everyone will benefit from an education in Emotional Intelligence and NLP. He tells:

- “It is not only in the craft industry that there can be a harsh tone, or conflicts arise. There are no workplaces that can say no to not needing good communication. Everyone needs these tools, whether they are in a hospital, on a construction site or in retail. Everyone needs good communication, because it just makes everyday life better ”.

What does it take to start an education in Emotional Intelligence and NLP?

Ebbe answers: “First and foremost, I would recommend that you take an introductory course at HUMI, to get more information about the education and what journey it is you need to start. The education is an education for life, which I recommend everyone to give themselves ”.

The interview is coming to an end and Ebbe must continue with the day's work. Before we hang up, Ebbe says:

- “I would like to end by saying that what you learn in the first module, you can already go out into your own everyday life and use actively immediately and get positive results. To communicate well with others and get people to leave a meeting with a good feeling, regardless of the situation, it is the way forward and a gift for life ”.

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