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Strengthen your culture so that you are ready for the demands and expectations of the future 
The changes of the future require new forms of measurement. You will gain the best results and the best psychological and social work environment if you have a common understanding and direction in relation to your culture. Our solutions create new innovative paths through active involvement of both employees and management.

How can we help you develop your team or organization?

We help private and public organizations strengthen their culture, community, well-being and job satisfaction on both the levels of management and employee. Furthermore we have the experience that secures your ensuing implementation - so that the solution is supported and helps your team or your organization from that point and into the future. 

Reach your goals of:

  • A stronger community based on openness and commitment
  • A "we" culture with focus on readiness for change and development
  • Strengthening of job satisfaction
  • A strong sense of team spirit
  • Common values/DNA in everyday scenarios
  • Sparring/learning
  • Good communication
  • Understanding and tolerance
  • An effective everyday
  • Good relations and helpfulness
  • Focus on the positive of the everyday


Hvad er en Emotionel Intelligent virksomhed?

Vejen til Emotionel Intelligent virksomhed HUMI
There is no doubt that the investment of including HUMI 
has already paid for itself in the short term"
Søren Smedegaard Hvid, Direktør Entrepreneur of the Year, Partner EY
Ernst and Young case big company Emotionel Intelligens HUMI

Læs oplægget til den 
Emotionel Intelligente kommune

Den Emotionel Intelligente Kommune

Flere kunder, som har oplevet værdien....

Schneider Electric Emotional intelligence NLP
Middelfart kommune Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI
Vejen Kommune værdiseminar ved HUMI
Vandcenter Syd uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI

Emotional Intelligence is also in focus in insitutions and schools

Schools that have felt the value...

Let's have a chat about how we can help you 
and your organisation!

Contact us here


We develop humans and strengthen organizations based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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