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The future is

Together with you we design solutions that secure you the right competencies
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From conventional leadership to intelligent leadership
In the future there is a need for innovative thinking to secure the rentability and growth of organisations. With the use of Emotional Intelligence you can create a strong culture with focus on meaningful and active involvement of leaders and workers alike. 

Emotional Intelligence is the leverage for new types of leadership, new coworking realtions, raised job satisfaction and well-being.

How to become an emotionally intelligent company

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Vejen til Emotionel Intelligent virksomhed HUMI
The road to and emotionally intelligent company
How we help our customers?

Dialogue-based cultural workshop

The changes of the future require new forms of measurement.
Dialogbaseret kulturmåling ved HUMI
You will achieve the best results and the best mental and social work environment if you have a common understanding and direction in relation to your culture. The dialogue-based cultural measurement creates new paths through an active involvement of employees and management.

Your outcome

Half-day workshop with meaningful coworker involvement

  • You will reach a stronger community based on openness and engagement
  • You will build a "we"-culture with focus on readiness for change and development
  • You will strengthen everyday job satisfaction quickly and efficiently
  • The workshop also has a unifying effect that ensures motivation in every individual

After the workshop a leadership report will be developed including concrete courses of action

Culture and value seminar

Create a strong community and healthy DNA in your organisation or in yout team/department
Kultur og værdiseminar ved HUMI
2 Days with focus on development of coworkers and community through involvement, engagement, motivation and inspiration.
Culture and value seminars will be organised together with the leadership of the organisation.

Your outcome

Extensive involvement of coworkers and leadership. During the process you will focus on creating:

  • A strong sense of team spirit
  • Common values/DNA in everyday scenarios
  • Sparring/Learning
  • Good Communication
  • Understanding and tolerance
  • An effective everyday
  • Good relations and helpfulness
  • Focus on the positive of everyday

Fra ledere til ledelse

Lederuddannelse i praktisk anvendt Emotionel Intelligens
Skab et stærkt fælles ledelsesrum med lederuddannelsen - Intelligent Leadership.
En uddannelse, der udvikler jeres ledelsesfundament og styrker jeres ledelseskompetencer til at lede effektivt ind i en kompleks og foranderlig fremtid på en dynamisk og emotionel intelligent måde, der fastholder og tiltrækker fremtidens medarbejdere. 

Your outcome

Ledelse, lederskab og kultur er de bærende elementer i forhold til medarbejder trivsel, arbejdsglæde, effektivitet og lyst til at blive i organisationen.

Uddannelsen giver jer som ledergruppe:

  • En fælles holdning til og sprog om ledelse
  • Fælles ledelsesværdier og kultur
  • En stærkere personlig ledelse
  • En tydeligere retning og kommunikation i lederskabet
  • En stærkere relationer mellem ledere og medarbejdere
  • Et stærkt ledelsesmæssigt fundament
  • Et mere coachende lederskab
  • Et mere tillidsskabende lederskab

Uddannelsen veksler mellem oplæg, plenumdialoger, gruppearbejde og individuelle  1:1 sparringssamtaler om udviklingsmål og ledelsesfundament. Uddannelsesansvarlig er Per Poulsen samt gæsteundervisere. Uddannelsen tager afsæt i deltagernes virkelighed og hverdag.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Developing our emotional intelligence gives us far greater opportunity to motivate and influence ourselves and others. Emotionally intelligent people handle stress and prevent and resolve conflicts at a much higher level than others.

Education in EI and NLP

Strentghens you competencies within human understanding, behaviour and communication
Emotionel Intelligens og Personlig kommunikation uddannelse hos HUMI
The combination of Emotional Intelligence and NLP will give you a deep insight and understanding of the human mind, strong communication skills, competence to create strong relationships and the ability to influence, motivate and inspire!

Your outcome

The lessons are based in theory and insight that is learned through practical training. 2/3 of the lessons are active training with exercises and tasks. The participant interaction is high.

  • Insight and understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  • The ability to decode verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Advanced questioning technique
  • Coaching tools and models
  • Stronger bargaining skills
  • Effective conversation techniques
  • Concretization and clarification of goals and motivation

You can also take the education as a team Read how a department took the education together

Coaching and sparring

Lift your leadership and match the demands of the future
Løft dit lederskab med coaching HUMI
Exercise leadership that develops the culture of your organisation to secure a top tuned organisation, effective teams, innovation and growth.

Your outcome

"What I experienced after one coaching session was that I could think completely differently about my job. I didn't take things in instead I acted on them."

Tina Gottschalk, leader, Vejen Kommune

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We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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