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School Coach Training

An education based on YOUR school and your everyday life with a focus on well-being, learning and mental health.

The education as a school coach gives you a boost in competence and the opportunity to strengthen and explore yourself, while at the same time developing your professional and pedagogical work. 

Through the training you will experience how effective the combination of NLP and Emotional Intelligence is, in terms of helping others and yourself solve challenges and achieve your goals. In the training, you will learn techniques for perspective, change limiting beliefs and how you can add yourself and other new resources. In addition, you will gain a unique understanding of the concept of conflict and methods of resolving conflicts.

Your outcome

  • Insight into Emotional Intelligence
  • A professional and human competence boost
  • A strong communicative overview
  • The ability to strengthen professionalism and well-being
  • Tools that effectively strengthen relational work 

School benefits

  • A strong interdisciplinary collaboration and relational coordination
  • Strengthening the learning community through communication and insight
  • Development of the school's overall emotional intelligence
  • Strengthening mental health especially for those students who are having difficulty
February 1, 2021
12-day course
Module 1: February 1-2
Module 2: February 22-23
Module 3: March 15-16
Module 4: April 12-13
Module 5: May 10-11
Module 6: June 31st - 1st
Kr. 29,895ekskl. VAT
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More about the education

Based on your own everyday life, you get a tailor-made course targeted at the way you want to apply your competencies in the future. Together with your leader, you agree on a specific development goal that will form the framework for your education and your specialty. Through the education, you will have a school mentor attached, who together with you will ensure both your learning and your implementation of your role, as skolecoach
Throughout the course, there are 3 sparring / coaching conversations of 60 min. duration. The individual interviews are planned at the start-up meeting and will in principle be located between the modules in the education. The purpose of the interviews is to ensure the participant's focus and learning, and that the goal of the specilaity is achieved. The content of the conversations will vary according to what is in focus and needed and will often contain one or more of the following elements; coaching on the participant's own development, deeper understanding of the content of the education, relating the content of the education to the goal of the speciality, sparring on the task and exercises that support the learning and the goal.
The education is perfect for you, as a school teacher, AKTs, school consultant, school leader, MOT consultant, who want to gain a greater insight into human behavior and to create a better well-being through a strong preventive effort that promotes individual student learning. and development.
  • 12 teaching days from kl. 08.00 - 16.00
  • 3 coaching sessions
  • Training days with the other students (optional to participate)
  • Course material
  • Full catering (when completing education in our premises in Odense)
  • Opportunity for international certification
Before final certification on module 6, participants must have handed in and passed an assignment. The assignment will be reviewed no later than 1 week before certification with the school mentor from HUMI, the participant in the education and the participant's leader (or mentor on the job). In addition to review and feedback on the submitted assignment, the participant will receive sparring on the future plan for further implementation.
The education is internationally certified and the education requires the grade ‘passed’ in both the theoretical and the practical part.
The teacher responsible for the education and the speciality is Per Poulsen. As former head and head of personnel development at A.P. Møller Gruppen and owner of HUMI, he has 25 years of experience in the development of people and organizations based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP. Your education is tailored in close collaboration with Per Poulsen and school mentor Daniella Kofoed.
All consultants and coaches who teach the course are trained NLP Masters and certified in the development of Emotional Intelligence. During the 6 modules there will be assistant trainers to support and review exercises and tasks. The assistant coaches will also support with coaching and feedback in the teaching. All assistant coaches are trained at Master level.

Subsidies and gross deductions

Investigate whether it is possible for you to obtain a grant for the education through the competence fund / competence funds.
You can also explore the possibility of entering into an agreement Gross deduction with your workplace.
We are ready to help you with your choice of education


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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