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Had I not been to coaching with Per, my load was guaranteed to be overturned last week!

I am writing this to pass on my newly learned experience to others - there is tremendous effective help to be had if it is difficult to move forward in life - and it is (described below) my experience that it is so “easy” to get help that I think we stand way too much adversity, and way too long. I think it's partly because we do not know how effective help really is. But you can soon judge for yourself based on my experience.

For a long time I had experienced that I felt more and more pressured, that I lost track, that I could feel an anger, an irritation and a frustration in my everyday life, that my head was just filled with more and more thoughts, and I thought there were more and more things that I could not do. I could not live up to what I wanted - and that made it really hard to live, and it greatly affected both my children, my husband and my other surroundings. And it bothered me too !!

I had, for a while, tried to remedy it through yoga, to get some peace of mind, but it kept getting worse and worse.

Then my husband recommended me to go out to Per and be coached. He had met Per through a network and had decided that he wanted to use Per himself.

I booked an appointment with Per and experienced in the first 1½ hour to go from being so frustrated that tears rolled out of my eyes and have a very hard time getting a hold of everyday life, to being completely relieved and just feeling a completely, completely different calm.

I could feel a huge difference as I left that it was almost like from night to day. I remember asking myself, “Is it possible for this to continue? "I thought it's almost too good to be true.

At home, I sometimes think about whether it will continue, and have been a little nervous about having to lose all the good I seemed to have gained.

But I do not think I have lost it, though the days after were filled with great unexpected surprises; my husband was acutely hospitalized and I myself broke my knee and had to undergo emergency surgery. All that at the same time as a busy Christmas. The inner calm, strength, and the enormous surplus I had gained were challenged many times, but did not disappear.

So if I had not been coached by Per, it would have been all over for my family here between Christmas and New Year - there is no doubt about that!

What I experienced when I came home from Per was that I had a lot more surplus energy. I experienced myself much more positively, and I experienced a kind of gratitude for where I was and that I had both my children, my husband and my family - and my life as a whole. And I experienced a much gentler side of myself. A side that has probably always been there, but which had just disappeared through the many things that filled life.

When I think back, I actually do not think the gentle side of me has been really visible since I came down with stress six years ago. Actually, I went and thought that I had recovered from my stress, but now I clearly feel that it is only now that I have actually fully recovered. It is only now that I can feel myself - as the person I really am and want to be - and it is only now that I can be completely myself again.

My surroundings have reacted in such a way that when I came home from the visit to Per, my husband said: "Well, you have been to coaching today!". He could feel it both in the way I spoke, the way I looked and the way I reacted - I was completely different, present and relaxed.

My 4 year old daughter, reacted by completely changing behavior from being squeamish and cross and making demands on me. She went, after a very short time, to me and said, quite spontaneously: 'You are just the most beautiful mother in the world!'. It was absolutely amazing, and what made her do it, I do not know, but I am convinced that it is because I send out something different than I usually do, and because I have been able to be 'there' in a completely different present way. I have, after the coaching, been able to be much more present and be the mother I want to be.

I talked to my own mother on the phone, and she said, "It's great that you went!" And what she experienced was that I spoke completely differently, had much more peace of mind and was much more present in the conversation with her.

And that's how I've felt ever since! Despite the wildest Christmas and New Year with hospitalization, viruses, broken knees, etc., I have just been able to take it all like this: “Ohh! Never mind!" - as if I have been energetic and constantly keeping track.

One part of the experience I just want to share is that a few days after the coaching, I woke up in the morning with a tune inside my head, and then I thought about when I had last done that. And that was just a really long time ago. When I later came out of the bath, I was standing there singing, "I'm alive" in the shower. And I immediately thought, “Wauw! You're singing in the shower! How wonderful !! It's just been such a long time since I'd done it ”And when I stood and sang under the shower again on the 3rd day, it dawned on me that I had not done so for at least the past 6 years.

At no time since I was down with stress have I felt so much alive, so energetic, positive, grateful and present that I have felt like singing. Although I can now clearly remember that I did it when I was young.

So all that has returned. I feel such a 'happiness' - such a bubbly little girl who stands and jumps up and down inside me and shouts: "Yaaay" - So it's just really cool!

Thank you so much, Per.

And I can just add that I have recommended you to everyone I know who has challenges in life

Mette Smith, Odense.

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