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Racing Thoughts

Racing Thoughts

Are you one of the many who experience racing thoughts? More and more people are experiencing clutter of thoughts in everyday life. Both during the day, in the evening and at night. It is an imbalance, which for some is difficult to get out of on their own.

Do you also experience racing thoughts? You're not alone!

What do racing thoughts Mean?

You may experience having thoughts in the morning or having thoughts at night when you need to sleep.

Racing thoughts are an expression of that there are too many thoughts. It often gives a feeling that the head is so crammed with thoughts swarming around each other that it is difficult to focus. It can feel as if the thoughts are ‘running in circles’ and that they are ‘jumping’ from subject to subject. Others describe it as thoughts almost falling over each other in a constant uncontrollable stream. For the severely affected, the thoughts are so controlling that it goes beyond the ability to be present in problem solving or focused in dialogue with others. In the very severe cases, it will be difficult to get a good night's sleep, which can easily aggravate the situation and the racing thoughts over time.

What is the cause of racing thoughts?

No matter how you experience your racing thoughts, it is probably due to an excessive load, for a too long period. The load can either be from within in the form of past, often repressed negative experiences or the experience of an external pressure, with something that seems insurmountable. Some know what it is that is pushing them, although most do not have knowledge of the reason for what does it.

History, the present and the future can come into play in relation to racing thoughts.

For some of those who do not know the cause, it probably lies in past negative and often repressed experiences. The hardest to uncover are the subtle ones. That is, those where it has been going on for a long time and thus can not be recalled as a specific experience. The next most difficult are specific experiences that have been repressed for many years. No matter if it is one type or another, they will potentially be the cause of ugly thoughts or racing thoughts. It can for example be:

  • Unresolved trauma
  • Unpleasant experiences
  • Shameful memories
  • Fear of something being revealed

For others, it is the future that can trigger the racing thoughts. It may be that the amount of tasks in life overall seems greater than what you can handle. Upon prolonged exposure, it can create a general feeling of inadequacy that accelerates the racing thoughts. This is then strengthened when there is something in the future that can be reminiscent of pressure. It can for example be:

  • Fear of needing something
  • Fear of failing
  • The amount of tasks ahead
  • The fear of a certain person / situation / thing

For some, it is something that is happening right now that is creating the throng of racing thoughts for example:

  • Loneliness and slackness
  • Negative emotions such as anxiety, stress or depression
  • Low self-esteem and low self-love
  • Low selfworth

What are racing thoughts to you?

It is very different how different people experience their thoughts are present and affect them. For some it is pictures and movies they can see and for others it is voices and sounds they hear. Some experience it as a combination.

Get rid of clutter

Although it may seem very confusing while the thoughts are racing, there is help to be found. We always recommend starting by activating one's own resources to calm the mind. Whichever EI-NLP method you choose, you will work on learning and training tools to calm your mind and the myriad of thoughts. It is experienced by many as a path to personal development and the benefits of this path are many, for example:

  • The satisfaction of having done it yourself
  • Stronger self-esteem
  • Higher selfworth
  • More confidence
  • More insight into oneself and others
  • Tools that can be used in many other situations
  • No adverse side effects
  • Many positive effects

Yes, I have a lot of thoughts

The most important thing is that you respond to your thoughts and do not let it go on for too long. The throng of thought is a sign to you that you are somehow pressured, from within or without. You can take control of your thoughts back and the sooner you get started, the easier it will be.

Combinations of stress, anxiety, depression and racing thoughts

Whether you are experiencing racing thoughts and stress, racing thoughts and anxiety, racing thoughts and depression or it is inner turmoil and racing thoughts, EI-NLP can help you further.

What can you do?

If you experience a lot of thoughts, the first step is to act on it. Here you have several options you can choose from or combine as it suits you best.

Stop the racing thoughts! Contact us without obligation and get free sparring on which type of help is right for you?


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