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Development Funen Raises EI by Implementing Value-Based Feedback.

Development Funen Raises EI by Implementing Value-Based Feedback.

By Milena Høxbroe Jensen, HR consultant, Development Funen (Now Erhvervshus Fyn)

The basic precondition for developing a good and healthy organization is an honest and authentic dialogue between employees, management and partners. In Development Funen, we see development as a constant and crucial factor for success. Therein also lies an obligation for us as an organization to continuously strive to take the lead and be a banner leader on Funen, in relation to developing people and organizations.

At the moment, we are focusing on creating even stronger communication internally in and between our departments and externally in relation to strengthening the good relations with our partners.

As a natural part of that development process, the desire arose to aim for a common understanding of a value-based feedback culture. The consulting company HUMI ​​in Odense was the facilitator of the process in which the entire organization in Development Funen participated. Feedback is about giving constructive feedback on a given experience or situation, but feedback also has a higher purpose. A purpose that tells whether the individual organization has a culture that promotes openness and honesty with an appreciative approach to positively developing and lifting people to new heights.

Despite the fact that we in Development Funen experience a high degree of sincerity and honesty in our common tone, it was still with a certain excitement that we had gathered all employees and management on a Friday afternoon. An invitation to a 3 hour workshop in training our skills in giving constructive feedback to each other. A tension that was quickly replaced by a high level of commitment and drive to test and train the feedback with each other.

It was an experience of having hit a lifeline, as everyone in the organization had experienced giving, but also receiving bad and positive feedback. Not least the emotions and reactions associated with it. As the initiator of the workshop, it was a great feeling together with HUMI, to present a method and a simple tool that gives such noticeable results immediately and employees and managers can feel that it moves and moves them. For both employees and management, working with feedback as a method or model was a new approach, and it was clear after the workshop that it had set in mind how having a good feedback culture also has great significance externally.

Christina Melvang, Business Manager at Udvikling Fyn says,

“We work to create collaborations between companies, and here too it is important to have a good feedback culture. Feedback is part of reconciling expectations with each other, and is a prerequisite for strong developing collaborations. ”

For Søren Aarhus, Business Developer in Development Funen, the workshop helped to put further focus on the importance of emotional intelligence in relation to strengthening relationships - internally as well as externally in the organization. Søren says

, “I can not think of a job situation that does not require interaction with other people. As a business developer, Emotional Intelligence is perhaps the most important competency to achieve success. I see feedback culture as a very relevant and important part of it. ”

The fact that everyone got to work with feedback based on very concrete examples with reference to everyday life, clearly helped to create a common understanding and a sincere interest in promoting a constructive feedback culture in the organization. There was also a common agreement to maintain a focus on training with each other in everyday life. It is great that we at Udvikling Fyn have initiated a process in which giving feedback is an expression of our trust in each other. Trust that we each do our best and now to an even greater degree after the workshop, have the honesty in relation to helping a colleague or partner in a right direction with value-based feedback. At the same time, we strengthen the overall emotional intelligence in Development Funen.


Vi  udvikler mennesker og styrker organisationer baseret på Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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