What is NLP?

The question what is NLP – is a question that we are frequently asked.

Participants from our education programs are getting the same question from families and friends, who are witnessing the personal development and growth of the participants, seeing them getting stronger, with higher self-esteem, higher self-awareness and are asking them what has caused this change. A change that is difficult to give a precise answer to.

This is caused by the fact, that NLP is much more than knowledge, it is also about understanding thoughts and feelings, personal strategies, defining who I am, finding my purpose in life, understanding why I have become the person I am, understanding relations, the value in creating strong relationships and the list continues. This is why it is difficult to give an answer to what NLP really is.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro is neurology, the way our brain works, Linguistic is the linguistic processing that takes place inside of us – our internal communication and Programming, is a recognition that a large portion of how we perceive the world and react to the world and everything in it, is programmed in us. Meaning the way that we use our thoughts and feelings in relation to different things that we experience in our lives, becomes our system, that we are familiar with and that we repeat again and again. In exactly the same way, as if you drive a car or ride a bike and the traffic lights suddenly turns red. You do not need to say to yourself that you need to stop the car or get off your bike. The red light gives a signal to your unconscious mind, and you stop completely without having to think about it, and when the light turns green again – you drive off. This is a good thing, because not having programs would make everyday life impossible.

Most of the things that happen and take place in our lives, work in this way, and NLP makes us aware of what they are. Some things are really good for us and makes it easy for us to achieve our goals. At other times, it may be a challenge where we find ourselves in the same situation, over and over again, where we do not receive the required outcome or successfully reach the desired goal. We can have a discussion and hurt a person we care about, or we may be unfriendly to someone or we may be angry for a long time without knowing the reason why. To find out what lies behind our thoughts and feelings, being able to express it, formulate it and work with it, honestly and purposefully, is an important part of NLP.

An important question is, who has the remote control to your thoughts and feelings? If you are educated in NLP and understand yourself, you thoughts and feelings, you will be able to choose your thoughts, the quantity of thoughts, when and which thoughts you want, and whether they are good or bad for you. In the same way that you will be able to choose what feeling you want to have, when you stand in front of a camera, talking to a group of people, a board meeting presentation, or entering a room for an exam or job interview. Choosing your thoughts and feelings, is what NLP calls reprogramming. When you truly take charge over your remote control, you have in your possession the most important elements in your life – your thoughts and feelings, because they create your actions and your actions define you – and your level of success, whether it is in your private or professional life.

NLP is all about gaining insight in yourself, creating a stronger you, by ensuring that you as an individual continue to develop yourself to excellence and to create fulfillment and be and feel successful.

We hope that the above gave you a little insight into what NLP is – otherwise you are welcome to visit our website www.HUMI.dk for further information or contact HUMI directly on: 0045 2216 12 00.

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