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By educating and developing people and organizations 
for life with Emotional Intelligence and NLP
Experience the value 

We offer

HUMI can deliver what you or your organization need to gain success with Emotional Intelligence and NLP - we educate and help you, your team or your management to experience lasting success and growth


We educate and train leaders and employees with Emotional Intelligence and NLP to strengthen their personal leadership 
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We help leaders to go from conventional leadership to intelligent leadership with Emotional Intelligence
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We help you gain insight and tools for creating the changes you want in your life, privately as well as on the job 
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We create a healthy culture in your team or your oranization with emphasis on well-being, job-satisfaction and a strong community
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At HYDAC they educate 
employees and leaders for life

At HYDAC they believe that insight into humans is a part of creating the good life - both on the job and privately. HYDAC has chosen to educate all their employees in Emotional Intelligence and NLP

We are specialists in Emotional Intelligence and NLP and we develop individuals, teams, departments and organizations for life!

Vejen municipality educate teams to strengthen citizen satisfaction

"The education in EI-NLP has given us some tangible tools to help the citizen right where the citizen is."
Gitte Fallentin, Aktivitets & Rehabiliteringsleder, Vejen Kommune
Vejen municipality - case

Our clients

A selection of some of our clients who have chosen to invest in Emotional Intelligence and NLP 
Ernst and Young case uddannet i Emotionel Intelligens ved HUMI
Hydac uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI
Vandcenter Syd uddannelse i Emotionel Intelligens og NLP ved HUMI
Vejen Kommune værdiseminar ved HUMI
Schneider Electric Emotional intelligence NLP
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We develop humans and strengthen organizations based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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