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We develop people's competencies for the future

With Emotional Intelligence and NLP
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The future agenda is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill for creating inspiring leadership, innovative work cultures, effective teams, well-being, job satisfaction and strengthening you and your personal leadership - privately and at work.

We believe that it is the insight into people, our communication with each other and how we create trusting relationships that creates effective solutions and results.

What do CEO's, leaders and managers think about Emotional Intelligence?

Watch the video from the leadership conference ‘Intelligent Leadership’where leaders tell what significance they see that Emotional Intelligence will have for organisations and employees in the future.

Receive sparring on how you can develop yourself, your leadership or your organisation.

Only 18% know Emotional Intelligence by name. Only 2% have the tools to apply Emotional Intelligence”

What does Emotional Intelligence contribute to?

If we work to elevate the individual's competencies within Emotional Intelligence and at the same time help the community to a process that elevates the quality of their community, the result is a healthy culture, carried by values ​​that support the individual's opportunities and elevate the community's potential.
'We will work to create Denmark's best workplace, where our employees have high levels of self-awareness.'
Klavs C. Nielsen, Waste Manager, Middelfart Municipality
'The education has given us some concrete tools to help the citizen right where the citizen is.' 
Gitte Fallentin, Activity and Rehabilitation Manager, Vejen Municipality

Meet one of our customers...

Jens Haugaard, CEO at HYDAC A/S tells how NLP has created insight and understanding among managers and employees at HYDAC A/S.
See customer reviews and casestories
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We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
HUMI, Lumbyvej 19, PUMPEHUSET, 5000 Odense


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