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Effective Coaching of New Leader

After 7 months in the job, I found that the tasks and the job affected me more than I think was good. I experienced a stress level of 10, on the 10-point scale, sometimes I had heart palpitations, and I felt really pressured. After a dialogue with my manager, I was recommended HUMI ​​coaching and made an appointment with Per Poulsen for coaching.

What I experienced was that after one coaching session, I had changed so much in terms of my way of being a leader that I could think completely differently about my job. I did not take things in on myself - but started acting on them.

I experienced that I trusted more in myself, and in that way I feel today that I am in a completely different place, when it comes to being a leader. I feel much more professional as a leader. Criticism I experienced earlier as "Now I have done something wrong" and today it is more "now I have an opportunity to do something".

The fact that I trust in myself means that I get a completely different reaction from my staff and from both internal and external partners.

So if I had to say something - then I think it's amazing what one coaching session could do for me and my leadership.

Tina Gottschalk

Head of the Disability and Psychiatric Counseling

Vejen Municipality


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