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Kristine Bjerregaard, KBH

Exam fear, in my colleague's sister

Dear Per,

I just have to tell you one more happy exam story.

The girl I referred to you for you to try to cure her of exam fear (just like you "cured" me to a grade-12!) - a colleague's sister who is currently graduating - has just been to an exam and got 10!

Nothing short of amazing! Her examiner for this successful exam had also been her examiner for another exam - before your session - and she had said it was a completely different girl - full of confidence who had stood before her here a second time.

This is just so that you can rejoice that you have again made a huge difference, but also to say: I WISH I had met you in 1991, when I was graduating. I wonder what I could have led my life to if my matriculation exam had taken place without exam fear….


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