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Free coaching for 15 min, convinced me

Before I had my session with Per, I took advantage of the 15 min free coaching. It was really nice in many ways. Even if it is via the phone, you can already guess what type of person you are talking to, and already here assess whether it is a person you want to be treated by.

In relation to my own situation, I was skeptical at first because the people I read about on HUMI's website had been treated so unusually quickly (in my optics) - I obviously found that unbelievable. Therefore, it was great that I could get the chance to talk to my potential therapist - and it turned out to be worth a chance.

And now it's a bit comical that I myself have a reference where my challenge with social anxiety was "cured" in one hour. And that after 15 hours by 2 psychologists, hypnosis, and 5 hours by a Neurocoach with lots of tools and exercises that did not work.


Can be contacted via HUMI


We develop humans based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP
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