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Happiness and the Happy Life

A significant portion of the people that HUMI ​​meets focus on finding out what it is that makes them happy, satisfied or happier?

Many people say that they want to be happy and then they later change their wording to that they want to be glad! It seems that happiness for someone is at a higher level or seems more unattainable. It's interesting - because what's the difference between being happy or being glad? Are you able to notice the difference when you search for it?

Start with your definition

Your first considerations in relation to your happiness that you may be curious about.

  • What do you want?
  • What exactly do you mean by happiness or being happy?
  • What does it mean to have a life full of happiness - that is, the life of happiness?

If you do not know what happiness means, you have deprived yourself of much of the opportunity to experience happiness - even when it is present.

A little practice can help you along the way.

Write down the 10 happiest moments in your life and notice the red threads that are in your happiness experiences. The common threads that you 'find' will be important parameters that you can focus on to get even more happiness or joy in your life. The exercise helps to make your navigation or search for happiness more effective. 

Is your definition realistic?

Du kan være opmærksom på, om du har en realistisk lykke definition, eller om din interne ubevidste definition af lykke, kan være ’forkert’ eller urealistisk. En del af dem vi møder har på et tidspunkt i deres liv taget en ubevidst beslutning om hvad lykke er og måske flyttet lykkebegrebet op på en høj piedestal – som slet ikke er realistisk at opnå i hverdagen. Det betyder efterfølgende, at de risikerer, at opleve sig selv som ulykkelige, alene fordi de måler sig op imod det ubevidste og urealistiske ideal.

Din definition af lykke – er derfor vigtig for dit lykkeliv.

Where does happiness come from?

One of the big questions is whether happiness comes from outside, that it is in the relationship with others that happiness must be created - or whether happiness is created inside you, in the way you are, the way you see the world and the way you Look at yourself. The decision of where happiness comes from will greatly affect the level of happiness in your life. If happiness is to happen in relation to others, then you are dependent on them, as they must deliver what it takes for you to experience happiness or feel happy. That 'addiction' robs you of much of your freedom and happiness in life.

If you choose instead that happiness is something you create yourself - then you can easily start focusing on all the good that is around you - starting with the 10 good moments you have already written down. It will continually strengthen your experience of happiness.

Your work toward happiness

Perhaps in your work toward happiness, you will come to the conclusion that the first and best thing you can do is to change your definition of and your expectations for happiness - so that they fit the life you want and the one you want to be. Not least that your expectations are realistic.

In that work, it is worth considering whether the expectation you have for happiness stems from a norm in society, from your family, or whether it is what you have arrived at by examining your feelings and how you relate to yourself. happiness.

Working focused on happiness will help you understand what happiness is for you, what it takes and when you are actually happy. It will enable you to look for your happiness - where it is.

You can choose that you are happy as you are right now and enjoy it and you can also choose that you want to be happier and make a plan - to create more happiness in your life.

Regardless - the choice of happiness is YOURS!


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