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Henry Langkilde Rasmussen

Personal Development Executive Coaching Communication Leadership Training Organizational and Management Development

Working together with Per was allways funny and at the same time interesting and educational. He was so engaged with his work that one never knew what it would lead to, if one didn’t managed to keep focus. Allways ready for an inspiering and motivating dialogue, trying to help you out on any problem you might bring in front of him. Digging into a conflict he uses his empowering NLP-capacity to create a win-win-situation with a highly respect for what is best for the individual as well as for the company. I only have fond memories af how bread an salad during lunch break could lead to highly intelligent discussions on what impact differencies in people and culture does to the organisational life in a company, and how management and leaders ought to use this synergi to strive for even better business. I kinda miss those talks!

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