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The Power to Navigate in Life

The education program has proved to be a highly rewarding program. The program was initiated between HUMI, indumind and Eisbjerghus Efterskole – as a project – with funding from the Danish independent residential school association.

The purpose with the program

The purpose for developing the program has been a profound wish to strengthen young people to navigate in a complex world with great variability.

Our aim has been to develop a learning program that helps young people find inner peace and have the confidence to be themselves and who they are.

The education program is designed to raise students awareness of their own strengths and resources – and give them practical tools to navigate and master life.

Learning objective

The students learn:
  • To focus on and change their inner dialogues
  • To understand their thoughts and feelings
  • To optimize their internal and external communication
  • To strengthen themselves and their relations with others
  • To focus on and achieve their goals in life

Learning methodology

The education program is based on inductions, mindfullness and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Inductions helps the student to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and to activate their resources
  • Mindfullness creates calmness and inner space – reduces stress
  • Emotional Intelligence helps one to clarify purpose, values and thereby achieve ones goals.

References from students and teacher at Eisbjerghus Efterskole

(extract from the Danish independent residential school association report)

Girl from 9th grade: “I thought it was a mega cool experience and I felt that it helped me a lot to become happier in my life than before, and it has given me tools so that I can ‘control myself'”.

Girl from 10th grade: “I think that I have become more positive, it’s so easy to be negative and not have the strength to go to school. I think it helps on both mood and energy level.”

Teacher – educated in Emotional Intelligence and the indumind training program. “Under this program, I have experienced how students discover’ their true selves and how they suddenly dare to take the remote control of their lives and be their own game masters.”

“It arises from a basic feeling of being OK and believing in themselves. I see it clearly in everyday school life, where the students work happier and are far more motivated to attend classes and to want something for themselves.”

Spørgsmål til projektet

Per Poulsen ekspert i emotionel intelligens og nlp
Per Poulsen
Mobil 28 340 350
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